Chapter 01: Surprise

David Linch and Yasmine Ferra had been talking for several hours. During this time, the two had discussed various topics, ranging from serious issues such as political news to much more trivial things such as their preferences in life regarding music. As a result, they had come to be on familiar terms. Apart from that, the duo had also consumed a large amount of alcohol, which was starting to have some effect on them. The businessman then took the initiative to invite the lady to spend the rest of the night with him.

“Your proposal is very tempting, but there is something you ignore about me,” she answered, embarrassed.

“I see. I guess you already have someone in your life,” the businessman assumed.

“No, it’s not that. You see, you don’t leave me indifferent at all. On the contrary, I really want to spend the rest of the night with you, but I’m afraid you’ll reject me once we’re in your room,” said Miss Ferra.

“Why should I? I don’t see anything about you that would make me do that,” said David.

“There are certain things about me that would scare off a man of your type.”

The first thing that crossed Mr. Linch’s mind at that moment was the thought that the young woman sitting in front of him was some kind of sex beast who had trouble stopping once she got going, which he did not mind, though. So, he grabbed Yasmine’s hand, looked her straight in the eye, and told her that he was not the type to run away from a challenge, that no matter what she was hiding from him, he would face it like a man.

“Are you sure?” asked the young lady.

“I’m a man of my word,” replied Mr. Linch with a determined look.

As the two exchanged a kind of smile of consent, the businessman suddenly let go of the young woman’s hand and signaled to one of the waiters to come and clear the table. He also asked him to charge the bill to his account, specifying which room he was staying in.

Once that was taken care of, David Linch invited Yasmine Ferra to follow him. However, when he got up from his seat, he suddenly lost his balance. This was due to the large amount of alcohol he had consumed. Fortunately, he leaned back on his chair in time, which allowed him not to fall to the ground.

“Do you need help?” the young woman asked him when she saw him staggering.

“No, I’m fine. Thanks a lot for worrying about me, but I just got up way too fast. I’ve been sitting for over two hours,” he replied.

David Linch did not want to worry his evening conquest. So, he did his best not to stagger. One step at a time, the businessman managed to climb the white marble stairs of the lobby and drag himself to the elevator shafts. However, Yasmine was the one who called the elevator, and also the one who pressed the button leading to the third floor of the building.

The couple finally arrived in front of room 305. David then took his magnetic card out of his pocket and opened the door. Like a good gentleman, he let the lady go first.

“What a gallant man!” she exclaimed as she stepped through the door.

David entered after the young woman and closed the door behind him. As soon as he turned around, she immediately jumped on him, put her arms around his neck, and started to kiss him. This surprised the businessman a little, but he let himself go and put his arms around her waist. However, he had to stop a few moments later because of a pressing desire.

“Wait, please,” he said.

“What’s wrong?” asked Miss Ferra.

“I got to go use the restroom. I’ll be right back,” he said, heading for the bathroom.

While it was in the shower, Yasmine took advantage of it to withdraw her heels. At the time when the young woman was about to make the same with her dress, she felt a hand being posed delicately on her back.

“Let me help you,” declared David in a very sensual tone.

The businessman lowered delicately the straps of the dress and also took advantage of it to give soft kisses on the neck of Miss Ferra. The softness of the lips of Linch, which were posed delicately on her skin, excited her largely. She then turned over, made him face, and began to kiss him.

As the two lovebirds exchanged long, passionate kisses, David took off his jacket and threw it into the corner of the room. Yasmine then put her hands on his chest and began to undo the buttons on his shirt while he took care of the ones on his sleeves. Like his jacket, he also tossed it into a corner.

Miss Ferra and Mr. Linch continued to kiss for several minutes until she suddenly pushed him against the bed. As the businessman lay back, he watched as she gently removed her bra and dropped it right next to her, all the while grinning like a maniac. David could not then prevent himself from having his eyes riveted on the beautiful and firm chest of the magnificent creature who was in front of him.

Yasmine Ferra walked slowly towards David Linch. She then put her hands on his thighs and went up gradually until they are at the level of his buckle of the belt. The young woman attacked this latter and started to undo it. In less time than it took to say it, the pants of the businessman found themselves at the level of his ankles, then on the ground.

The young woman put her hand gently on the intimate part of the businessman. The latter waited then only one thing, that she withdraws his penis from his underpants, seizes it, and puts it in her mouth. That does not occur, however, at least not at the moment. Miss Ferra only passed her tongue delicately on it, in order to tease him a little bit. Yasmine went back up David’s body and exchanged once again a very long kiss with him.

After a few minutes, while the two were still kissing, something intrigued the businessman. Indeed, David felt something strange, but familiar in Yasmine. Fortunately, he did not have time to worry too much about it, because she presented him with one of her nipples. Without hesitation, Mr. Linch brought his mouth close to it and began to suck on it as if he were a newborn.

While the temperature of the room increased gradually, the young woman could not prevent herself from emitting some moans in front of the businessman’s childish character. This one sucked her breast with a lot of enthusiasm while he passed his hands all along her back to her buttocks that he seized firmly thereafter. Nevertheless, in spite of the good moment that David Linch spent with Miss Ferra, he always had this funny impression concerning her, a kind of sixth sense which told him that the young woman at his sides hid something.

Yasmine slipped her hand gently in the underpants of the businessman and caught his sex which had become slightly harder with all they had made until now. She stroked it gently and also moved back and forth. When David finally removed her nipple from his mouth, the young woman took the opportunity to go down to his penis where she removed his underpants to reveal what she was coveting.

The lips of mademoiselle Ferra were posed delicately on the penis of David, which gave him a pleasant sensation, but nothing compares with what awaited him. Indeed, less than a second later, the businessman’s cock was in her mouth. Mr. Linch closed his eyes and enjoyed what the young woman had to offer. Yasmine went down slowly, then went up with the same delicacy. At the same time, she grabbed his family jewels with one hand and kneaded them. She repeated these same gestures again and again for many, many minutes.

The young woman stopped temporarily and went back up to kiss the businessman while continuing to make light back and forth movements with her hand. As the two of them exchanged a languid kiss again, David could not help but compare her to his wife, Melissa. Not only was Yasmine a much better kisser, but she also had a much more toned body with curves that would surely leave no man indifferent.

Yasmine Ferra returned to take care of David Linch’s private parts. This one then took advantage of this occasion to put his hands on her head and to help her in her work by making slightly pressure, so that she goes a little more deeply. Giggles were then heard in room 305 of the hotel. Seeing that he was starting to get a little rough, the young woman had no choice but to take his penis out of her mouth, which prompted Mr. Linch to apologize. When David calmed down, Miss Ferra started to get into it again.

Five minutes later, the girl came once again to kiss the businessman. The latter thought that it would be time to show her what he was capable of. So, he grabbed the young woman and both of them tilted so that he was suddenly on top of her, a move that did not fail to surprise Yasmine.

David Linch kissed the young woman briefly, then gave her many kisses on the neck. He then went down gradually to her firm chest where he sucked her breasts during several tens of seconds, also taking advantage of the occasion to bite lightly her nipples. In front of the light, but pleasant pain, Miss Ferra emitted a weak moan. The businessman slid his hand slowly along the belly of Yasmine and introduced it then in her string. As he descended a little more, he felt something unusual, something that was familiar to him, but had nothing to do in such a place.

“Ah! What’s that?” exclaimed David Linch suddenly.

The businessman immediately withdrew his hand and got up from the bed, almost falling over because of the clothes on the floor.

“W–Why do you have that?” he asked hysterically.

“I told you about it earlier. I told you that there were aspects of me which would make you flee,” retorted the young woman while getting up off the bed.

Finding herself now upright in front of David, Yasmine withdrew her panties, thus revealing a penis having the same size as that of Linch with the difference that hers was still at rest. Seeing that, the man literally fell from the clouds. He thought back about the conversation they had had several minutes before.

“When you told me about that, I thought you were the kind of person who played sex games or had an insatiable sexual appetite. Anything but that!” he said, pointing to Ferra’s crotch.

The businessman did not know what to say. It was the very first time in his life that he found himself in such a situation. How was he going to deal with this?

To be continued!!!

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