Chapter 01: A surprising…woman

Now alone with the young woman, David asked her what she did for a living and, as he had done previously with her, she told him to guess. At this moment, Linch could not help but smile at this little game, especially since it was going to be a little more difficult than the previous one. The man observed Ferra and, as he had expected, found it very difficult to get any clues as to what she did for a living. This was rather ironic since he had said a few minutes earlier that it was very important to be able to read people in society.

In any case, what he was sure of was that the woman sitting across from him clearly did not work in the same industry as he did. If she did, he would not have had to insist on buying her dinner. Linch began to gather all the information he had about her, and there was not much. Suddenly, he remembered that she was of Brazilian descent, which immediately brought back a list of stereotypes in his head, the first of which was related to prostitution. Although he did not mind the idea of Yasmine being a prostitute, David could not just tell her that she did that for a living, it would make the rest of their conversation a bit unpleasant. So, he put that possibility aside and moved on.

“What’s going on, David? Are you having trouble figuring out what I do for a living?” Yasmine asked abruptly when she realized that the man was taking a long time to give her an answer.

Ferra’s mocking smile amused Linch who replied that reading people was not an exact science.

“Unless you have supernatural powers, it’s impossible for anyone to guess a person’s occupation at first glance,” he continued.

“Shall I take that as an admission of defeat?”

The man smiled slightly and then told her that she could indeed consider this a victory for her. For David, this was just a game to create a good atmosphere between them. His real goal was to get her into bed. On her side, thinking that he was offended by this defeat, the young woman reassured him by stating that he had no chance to guess what she did in life, and this since the beginning.

“What do you mean?” David asked, curious.

“It’s just that I’m not doing anything concrete right now. I’m trying to launch a career as a movie actress, but I haven’t gotten any real roles yet.”

Linch was confused for a moment. If this woman was not currently working, then how come she was inside the Mandarin Oriental? The only explanation that immediately came to mind was that she must have been invited by someone who frequented the establishment. For the man, however, the identity of this individual did not matter, his goal was always the same.

“The film industry, hmm. I have some contacts in this sector. Maybe I could talk to them about your case.”

“Really! You’re not kidding, right?”

“I wouldn’t dare. However, it won’t be for free.”

The young woman immediately understood what he was getting at. It was clear that David wanted to spend the rest of the night with her, which did not really bother her. In addition, it was even to her advantage, Linch could allow her to launch her career as an actress. Nevertheless, there was a small shadow that made her hesitate to answer. Seeing that her smile was fading somewhat, David asked if everything was okay.

“Everything’s fine. It’s just that…,” she replied before stopping abruptly.

“You already have someone in your life, am I right?”

“No, far from it. I’m as free as a bird. It’s just that… how can I explain it to you? I really want to spend the rest of the night with you, but I’m afraid you’ll reject me once I get to your room.”

“Why should I that? I can’t think of any reason why I would do such a thing.”

Yasmine then explained that there were certain aspects of her that would compel him to do so. Immediately after hearing this, David remembered once again that she was of Brazilian origin. In his mind, it all came flooding back and he thought that what she was talking about was an overactive libido, that she was a woman with an insatiable sexual appetite. If that was the case, then there was no reason for him to push her away. On the contrary, it simply meant that he was going to spend a very pleasant evening with her. So, the man grabbed her hand, looked her straight in the eye, and addressed her.

“I’m not the kind of person to push a woman away, especially if that woman is as beautiful as you are. Whatever you’re hiding, I’ll gladly accept it.”

“Are you certain?”

“You don’t have to be so formal with me anymore. And yes, I am absolutely sure…”

At this precise moment, David’s stomach began to cry out, breaking the atmosphere that had settled between the young woman and him. It should be said that he had not yet touched his dinner since it was served to him. On her side, Yasmine could not help herself but laugh at the noise that his belly had just made.

“I’m really sorry about that,” David said, somewhat embarrassed.

“You don’t have to apologize, it’s perfectly normal. We haven’t touched any of our food since then. We’d better have dinner before we get down to more serious things. It’s going to be a very eventful night if you know what I’m getting at.”

“I know exactly what you’re getting at.”

David finally let go of Yasmine’s hand and got ready to eat. The young woman did the same, and a few moments later, the two began to consume their dinner.

After more than an hour and a half discussing everything and anything while enjoying their meal, it was now time for Yasmine and David to go to his room to conclude their little deal. So, while their table was being cleaned up by two of the employees of the restaurant, they both got up from their seat. It was at that precise moment that Linch lost his balance and almost fell to the floor. Fortunately for the man, he managed to lean back in his chair, saving him from a rather embarrassing situation.

“Is everything all right, sir?” one of the waiters asked.

“Yes, everything is fine. I just overdid it on the drink,” he answered, looking at the numerous bottles of alcohol which were on the table.

Ferra approached him and asked if he needed help, the young woman being ready to support him. He thanked her for her gesture and told her that it would not be necessary. Unfortunately, when he let go of the chair, he lost his balance again, which prompted Yasmine to go to his aid.

“See! You need help,” she said.

“It seems so. Sorry to do this to you.”

“You don’t have to be sorry,” she stated. “Besides, you won’t have to be up for what comes next,” whispering this time in his ear.

With her words, David was more than eager to meet up with her in a quieter corner. The duo left the Mandarin Oriental restaurant and headed for the elevator shafts. Shortly after, the couple finally arrived at David’s room: room 305.

David let Yasmine go into his room first, which made her realize what a gallant man he was. Smiling again, Linch watched the young woman walk past him and could not help but look at her huge ass. Seeing it move with each step made him want to play with it even more. While he struggled to close the door while still standing, Ferra observed the entire room. She saw the rest of his things lying in a corner, including his jacket and tie, and noticed how neatly the place was laid out. She thought to herself that it must be the same in his life and that he must be a person who did not like clutter. At that specific moment, Yasmine looked at David who was still struggling to close the door and she could not help but smile as if she was ready to execute some sort of evil plan.

When he finally closed the door of his room, Linch was pleasantly surprised when he turned around. Indeed, the young woman jumped on him and started to kiss him. The man let himself do it, taking her in his arms, sliding his hands along her back, and grabbing her buttocks firmly. He could also not prevent himself from smelling her delicate perfume. She smelled so good, he said to himself at this precise moment. However, that was not the only thing David felt. Indeed, with all the alcohol he had ingested, his body had reached its limits and it was now time for him to drain everything out.

“Wait!… Please, wait!” he said between two kisses.

“What’s wrong?”

“I got to go to the little boy’s room. I’ll be right back.”

While Linch was in the bathroom, Yasmine took advantage of his absence to first remove her heels. That dit her a lot of good, the pair of shoes being not very comfortable on the duration. She then attacked her tight dress, grabbing the zipper and lowering it gently. It was at this moment that the man returned in the room. In a hurry to take advantage of Ferra’s body, David, who had urinated very quickly and had not taken the time to shake it well, saw her bending slightly forward and putting her big ass in evidence at the same time.

“Let me help you,” he said after approaching her.

Linch lowered delicately the straps of her dress and also took advantage of it to give her soft kisses on the neck. The softness of his lips coming into contact with her skin greatly excited Yasmine who turned around shortly after and started kissing David again. The outfit of the young woman being now on the ground, it was the turn of the man to withdraw his. Ferra thus helped him to undo the buttons of his shirt as well as those of his pants, which was already half undone. She then put her hand in his underwear, seizing his penis.

“Look what’s here,” she said with a smile.

“He’s happy to meet you too. Treat him well.”

“You can count on me,” she murmured in the hollow of his ear.

The young woman took the cock out of David’s clothing before starting to masturbate him. At the same time, she passed her other hand behind his neck and kiss him once more. On his side, the man kept playing with one of her buttocks as well as with one of her breasts. The sensations he got from her chest, her ass, her languorous kiss, and her hand rubbing delicately his sex were indescribable and he found himself very quickly with a strong erection.

Linch, who was in search of more sensations, wanted to put his hand in the small panties of Yasmine. He had then for the project to finger her in order to feel her heat and her interior humidity. However, at the time when he was about to make it, she stopped stroking his penis and kissing him, and pushed him suddenly. The man did not understand what had just happened and found himself lying on the bed.

While he was still a little shaken by the young woman’s recent action, Ferra who had been kneeling, in the meantime, removed his underwear, grabbed his penis again, and put it in her mouth. David was then invaded by a pleasant heat whereas his member was more and more submerged by Yasmine. There was no need to say, her mouth was very pleasant, more especially as she knew how to use it. Indeed, she was not only sucking him, but also licking him. Every time her tongue went from the head of his cock to his balls and back again, he felt like he was exploding from the inside. At the restaurant, he had suspected she was good, but he had never imagined she would be this good. And this was only the beginning of their foreplay. What would happen to him afterwards?

As he thought about what she was going to do to him next, Linch could not help but put both hands on his face, which made him look like he was playing a game of hide-and-seek. Yasmine saw this as a sign to give it her all. So, she began massaging his balls while she sucked him. David’s body was then traversed by a pleasant discharge of electricity, making him tense from time to time.

“My God! My God! My God!” he thought in his head.

David still could not believe what was happening to him. Besides, he also thought that if she continued on her way, he would end up cumming, which was absolutely not good for him or rather for his image. It has only been a few minutes since they started, so he could not afford to discharge his seed so soon. But how to avoid doing it? Yasmine was gifted, horribly gifted. It was thus only a matter of time before that occurs.

Fortunately for him, the young woman stopped abruptly before going up on the bed and coming to kiss him once more. This gave him time to regain his senses and better prepare for her next blowjob. Nevertheless, as the two exchanged another exciting kiss, the man felt something very strange about Ferra. It was a rather familiar sensation, which disturbed him enormously, especially since he was not supposed to feel that way, mainly not in a woman. Unfortunately, the more the seconds passed and the more the feeling of uneasiness increased. He wanted at first to put it down to alcohol, the man having drunk a lot during the evening. However, he was not drunk enough to have this kind of sensory hallucination. He thus decided to clear things up and, when the young woman returned to take care of his penis, he slightly raised his head to see where his discomfort came from. At that moment, his eyes widened greatly and room 305 was suddenly filled with a loud scream.

To be continued!!!

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