Chapter 02: Surprise

While he was still in shock, Linch pointed to Ferra’s crotch and stammered to ask her what she had there. The answer to this question was rather obvious, but being taken by a certain disillusionment, the man thought that it must be an effect of his too much alcohol consumption. Yes, it had to be. There was no way it could be anything else, at least that is what he told himself in order to rationalize the situation he was in. However, one side of him knew that there was nothing rational about his reasoning. He was looking at the crotch of the young woman and all indicated to him that what was there was the same thing that he had.

Unfortunately for David, all his hopes began to crumble when Yasmine reminded him of what she had said to him when they were both at the restaurant – namely when she had told him about certain aspects of herself – before being completely destroyed when she got off the bed and began to remove her panties. As the garment fell to the floor, the man had no choice but to admit the truth: the person in front of him had a penis just like him.

Yasmine was a man… a woman, he did not know what to think. While his eyes were fixed on that thing between her legs, Linch’s mind was in turmoil. He wondered how she had managed to hide something like that under her tight dress, especially since the thing he was looking at was huge. Indeed, Ferra’s cock may not have been erect, but it was already bigger and longer than his. No matter how he looked at it, he could not figure out how she had managed to hide it under her dress without anyone noticing.

Then, there was the question of whether Ferra was a man or a woman. Everything about her indicated that she was a woman; her clothes were feminine, her perfume was feminine, her voice was feminine, her body had feminine proportions, even the way she kissed him and performed oral sex on him was feminine; everything about her was feminine, at least until you consider what she had between her legs. That huge cock was the thing that brought David back to reality and made him realize at the same time that Yasmine was not a woman. Even worse, it made him realize that he had almost slept with her.

“Oh, God!” he repeated many times in his head.

Seeing the look on David’s face, the young woman called him out several times before telling him to look at her.

“Don’t you want to sleep with me anymore?” she continued.

“I… I mean… you… you have a cock!”

Yasmine then turned around, and presented her huge buttocks to him, and leaned forward slightly.

“Don’t you want to play with my big ass anymore?”

It was true that Ferra’s buttocks were exceptional. Linch still remembered what it had felt like when he had grabbed it with his hands. However, that did not change anything with the fact that she had a penis, thing which he did not fail to point out to her once more. The young woman then removed her bra which she dropped on the ground, climbed on the bed, and approached David who then tried to move back, but without much success.

“Don’t you want to play with my breasts anymore?” she said before grabbing one of his hands and putting it on her breast.

“But… you have a cock!”

Whereas he had just said to her once again that she has a package much more impressive than his, the man could not prevent himself from kneading the chest of Yasmine. What he felt then at this moment was the same thing he would have felt if he had been with a woman, which accentuated the doubt in his mind. There was no difference between Ferra’s bust and that of another woman. Nevertheless, she still had a cock!

“Don’t you want to play with my mouth anymore?” the young woman retorted by approaching her lips to his. “Don’t you want me to suck you anymore?”

This last question gave shivers to the man who remembered the pleasant sensation to have his penis in her mouth.

“Don’t you want to enjoy my body all night long anymore?”

“It’s… Yasmine, you have a cock,” he said in an almost supplicatory tone.

“If it bothers you so much, why are you still erect?”

It was after she had asked him this umpteenth question that the man actually realized that his penis was indeed erect, which disturbed him enormously. If his dick was in this state, it simply meant that he was always attracted by Yasmine, and this while knowing that she had a similar sexual organ. Ferra then took the opportunity to bring her lips closer to his.

“Don’t you find me to your liking anymore?”

The two were so close that David could almost kiss her. Moreover, to answer negatively to this new question would be a lie considering the situation. So, he replied that he still found her attractive, but pointed out once again that she had a penis.

“I see. I guess I got the wrong idea when you said you weren’t going to turn me down,” she retorted.

As he watched her get off the bed, Linch remembered once more everything they had discussed at dinner, and it was true that he had promised not to reject her. However, how could he have known at that moment that what Yasmine was talking about was the fact that she had a penis? He had thought she was referring to a heightened libido instead of a cock bigger than his.

The whole situation confused David, who could not help but feel a little guilty. Indeed, he was the one who had invited her to dinner as well as to sleep with him, the one who had assumed things that had turned out to be only the fruit of his imagination, and the one who was no longer keeping his word. So, while Yasmine was picking up her things, and also because he really wanted to play with his body, he made the decision to take the plunge. Anyway, if he ignored her penis, she was still an extremely attractive woman. Besides, no one would ever know what was about to happen between them in that room. He had the power to make sure of that.

So, Linch hurriedly got off the bed and grabbed Yasmine’s arm, who had almost finished getting dressed.

“Wait! I apologize. It’s true I didn’t expect you to have a dick between your legs, but I’m a man who never goes back on what he said. Yasmine, I want to spend the rest of the night with you and I don’t care about that thing you have. Let’s fuck until the sun rises.”

The two exchanged a languid kiss as he helped Yasmine remove the clothes she was wearing. At the same time, David tried not to focus too much on the fact that she had a penis, which would prove to be extremely difficult when she was completely naked.

Two or three minutes later, the young woman pushed Linch once more and he landed on the bed. As she stood on the edge of the couch, the man could not help but stare at her penis. He could not help it, especially since he still could not figure out how she was able to perfectly hide something so long and big under her dress. The man, however, did not admire the member of Ferra very long, this one having taken again the same gestures as the previous time and having thus knelt in front of his cock. She then grabbed it and started sucking it again, which Linch did not mind at all.

David liked so much the blowjob that the young woman was doing that he did not hesitate one second to place a hand on his face and another on her head to accentuate each stroke that she executed with her mouth. There was no more doubt possible for him. Whatever she was, man or woman, he was going to have an extraordinary night.

To be continued!!!

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