Chapter 02: First Time

Yasmine Ferra was standing before a horrified and astonished David Linch. He found it hard to believe that the young woman he had almost had sex with was actually a man. He had examined her from every angle and everything about her, or rather him, belonged to a woman. Her curves were those of a woman, her clothes were those of a woman, her voice was that of a woman, even her sweetness and her way of acting belonged to a woman. So, how was it that her sex was that of a man? This was information that was hard to get into his head.

Speaking of her sex, the businessman found it hard to look away from that thing that was as big and long as his own while it was still at rest. He was wondering how she, or rather he, had managed to hide it until now without it showing through her dress.

The young woman approached Mr. Linch who could not help but take a step back.

“David, am I no longer the beautiful and charming woman you wanted to share your bed with?” she asked him in a sensual tone.

“It is…,” he tried to say.

Before the businessman could continue his sentence, Miss Ferra grabbed his hand and put it on one of her breasts.

“Wasn’t this the body of the beautiful and charming woman you wanted to share your bed with?”

Doubt began to creep into Mr. Linch’s mind as he felt the softness of her breast. As she gently brought her lips to his, David Linch could not ignore the fact that he was conflicted about the situation he was in. On the one hand, he admitted to being attracted to Yasmine’s beautiful body, but on the other hand, she was not quite a woman.

Yasmine kissed David lightly before looking him straight in the eye and asking him once again if he liked her.

“Yes, but…” he tried to reply once again.

The young woman exchanged a short kiss with him once more before moving slowly down to his private parts. She then grabbed his sex and put it back in her mouth. While Yasmine was doing the fellatio, the businessman finally made his decision. He was curious about what it would be like to have sex with someone like her. It would definitely be an extraordinary experience. And for the slightly special parts of it, he would try to imagine her as a normal woman.

David Linch suddenly grabbed Miss Ferra by the shoulders and pulled her upright. The two then exchanged a look.

“I never go back on my words,” he told her with eyes full of conviction.

The two exchanged a languorous kiss during some tens of seconds before the businessman suddenly raises Miss Ferra and leads her to the bed where he deposited her delicately. He climbed in his turn on it and kissed her once more.

During their exchange, David grabbed Yasmine’s penis. It was the very first time in his life that he touched a cock that was not his own. So, the feeling he was experiencing at that moment was very strange. All of a sudden, he felt the young woman’s sex getting bigger and bigger, but also getting warmer and warmer.

When he threw a furtive glance at the thing, he was shocked by its proportions and wondered once again how she had managed to hide it so well under her dress. He did not really know why, but he was curious to know what it felt like to have such a thing in his mouth. Less than two minutes later, as if she had guessed what he had in mind, Yasmine proposed to David that they take care of each other, which he accepted with little reluctance.

The two lovebirds found themselves each in front of the penis of the other. Yasmine thus put that of Linch in her mouth and started to suck it passionately. On his side, David had difficulty to do the same. Certainly, he was curious to know the effect that it made, nevertheless, it was not easy to jump the step. There was always this little part of him that told him that what he was about to do was not normal, that a sane man would never engage in this kind of practice.

David Linch was tempted to listen to the little voice in his head. However, he decided to ignore it completely and act. The businessman closed his eyes, opened his mouth, and brought it to Yasmine’s penis. It was at this moment that he realized how enormous the sex of the young woman was. He had a lot of difficulty to exceed her glans, which did not announce anything good for the continuation. It was not however a big problem for the young woman who adapted perfectly to it.

Apart from the problem of size, the first time of Mr. Linch was strange. Indeed, having a penis in his mouth was a rather peculiar experience as it felt like a big piece of meat that he could not bite. It was also rough; probably because he was not salivating enough; and slightly salty. So, the businessman tried to do his best to please his conquest of the evening while the latter did the same with him. The two of them remained in this position for many minutes.


Many minutes had passed, and Miss Ferra was now in the mood. So, she took David’s penis out of her mouth, which he also did a few moments later, and got off the bed. She then went to her purse, which was on the floor not far from them, and took out a box of condoms and a small bottle of lubricant.

“I see that you are well prepared,” said the businessman, surprised.

Ferra smiled slightly before tearing the wrapper off one of the sheaths and placing it gently on David’s penis. She then deposited a little lubricant before spreading it properly, and also put some on her anus. The young woman placed the bottle next to one of the pillows and then positioned herself just above Mr. Linch’s pelvis. She squatted down, grabbed the businessman’s penis, and put it right at her asshole.

Yasmine went down slowly, which caused David’s sex to be inserted inside her. A grimace testifying to the pain she felt at this moment appeared on the face of the young woman. On his side, the businessman was experiencing something new again. It was the first time he practiced sodomy in his life, even with his many conquests. Because of this, he could hardly believe how tight it could be. This pleased him enormously. Indeed, not only was Miss Ferra’s ass tight, but it was also warm and slightly moist. When Yasmine finally reached the base of his penis, she moved up slightly, then down once more. She repeated this action again and again for many, many minutes.

David took great pleasure in being inside the young woman. Moreover, he liked that so much that he grabbed her at the hips and accelerated slowly the cadence of her back and forth. Yasmine then began to moan while her sex was swinging following the rhythm of their movements, which he found somewhat particular. The couple continued like this for several minutes before changing position.

Yasmine Ferra withdrew David’s penis, straightened up, and got off the bed. Under the curious glance of her partner, this one moved towards one of the dressers, put her hands on it, and leaned forward. The young woman then threw him a very naughty glance, which he interpreted as an invitation. Mr. Linch then got up from the bed and went to her. He grabbed her firmly with one hand at the hips while he used the other to put his penis back where it was before. The young woman emitted a strong moan as he penetrated her with vigor.

The back-and-forth movements of the couple became stronger and faster. David was merciless with her. Throughout more than ten minutes during which they had remained in this position, the businessman had shown himself much more brutal. He had violently tackled the young woman against the wall, had slapped her buttocks from time to time, and had strongly pressed her breasts. If the two had not kissed each other periodically, it would have looked like a rape.

The couple had once again changed position and place. This time, the young woman was lying on the bed, her legs spread wide. David joined her again and penetrated her with the same intensity as the previous time. He shared such a good moment with Yasmine that he forgot all the doubts and interrogations that he had had a few tens of minutes before. All that mattered to him now was to have fun and enjoy the moment.

Mr. Linch did not have much longer to go. Indeed, he was getting closer and closer to his limit. So, while he passionately kissed Ferra, who now had her arms and legs around him, he drastically increased the pace. Finally, after two minutes, he stopped abruptly, arched his back, and emptied the contents of his testicles inside the young lady. Breathing heavily, the man withdrew from her before collapsing beside her.

“So, how was it?” she asked him.

“It was fantastic! I would never have believed that such a thing could be so intense,” he answered.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s my turn now,” she whispered sensually in his ear.

While listening to the words of Yasmine, the businessman remembered the size of her penis. From then on, his heart began to beat much more quickly while a certain fear with regard to the next events gradually took hold of him.

“There’s—there’s no way something like that can fit. You might tear my ass apart with it,” he said, worried.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. I’ll try to go gently,” retorted the young woman while trying to reassure him.

David Linch was anything but reassured. Yasmine’s penis being more than twice as big and long as his, he had all the reasons in the world to be afraid.

The young woman thus straightened up and invited Mr. Linch to make her a small fellatio, her cock having slightly softened during their first acts. The businessman took his courage in both hands, grabbed it, and put it in his mouth. The salty taste he had felt earlier was much more pronounced this time. He moved back and forth for many, many minutes even though he could not go any further than its head.

“Yes, baby! That’s it, keep going,” exclaimed Miss Ferra, who was enjoying his work very much.

The young woman placed one of her hands on his head and applied a little pressure to help him in his task. She also tried to push her sex as deep as possible into the man’s throat, but he withdrew it each time, fearing to choke.

Now that Miss Ferra’s penis was hard, she invited David to get on the bed while she got ready. David Linch got down on all fours while Yasmine put on a condom and spread a large amount of lubricant on it. She did the same with the businessman’s anus and tossed the bottle next to one of the pillows again.

“Relax and take a deep breath. The more relaxed you are, the less it will hurt,” she told him.

Unfortunately, her words had the opposite effect on him. It was the very first time in his life that he would be doing this kind of thing.

Yasmine Ferra put her hands on David’s buttocks and spread them as wide as possible so that she could see his anus. She then positioned the head of her cock right at the entrance and started to push. The businessman felt this huge thing trying to work its way inside him. At that moment, as the pain became more and more intense, his first reflex was to run away. However, the young woman grabbed him firmly and brought him back to her.

“Hmm mm! I’m not done with you yet,” she retorted.

“Wait a minute. It won’t fit, it can’t fit. You’re going to tear my ass apart if you keep this up,” David exclaimed in fear.

“Just relax and let it go. If I can get the head in, the rest will be fine,” she declared.

The head of Yasmine’s penis finally made it into David’s ass. At that moment, David felt a sharp pain run through his body. He clenched his fists and teeth as the young woman’s sex penetrated deeper.

“Yes, that’s it, baby. Easy, I’m almost halfway through,” added Miss Ferra.

The pain was so intense that the businessman wondered if he could handle the other half of the young woman’s penis. He tried to apply her suggestions, to inhale deeply, and to relax, but it was impossible for him. Yasmine’s cock, which was pushing inch by inch into his ass, was hurting him far too much. Finally, after a minute that seemed almost interminable, the young woman’s penis was inserted all the way in.

“Damn! Of all the asses I’ve ever penetrated, you have the tightest. Now, I’m going to start moving. I’m going to take it real slow. Breathe in and out deeply, and the pain will go away very quickly,” he told her.

David did not have the strength to answer her. He was in far too much pain to do so. As she had just said, the young woman went gently, taking more than six seconds per movement. Meanwhile, the businessman alternated between wide open mouth with closed eyes and clenched teeth and fists. Unfortunately for him, Yasmine was just getting started.

After five minutes during which Miss Ferra tried to accustom Mr. Linch to the dimensions of her cock and to this new experience, she suddenly accelerated the pace. She also became much more aggressive, her masculine side gradually taking over. David could not hold back anymore and emitted his very first cries of pain. Tears then began to flow down his face and fall on the sheets.

“Oh yes! I love your ass, baby. I love how it tightens around my cock. I could fuck you all night long and not get tired of it…”

Deep down, the businessman hoped it would not last all night long like she had just said. He absolutely could not stand such a thing. The young woman suddenly slapped him on the buttocks, then another, and yet another.

“You like that, don’t you? You like when I put it in you deep?” retorted Yasmine Ferra while pulling his hair.

After ten minutes, the young woman suddenly withdrew her penis of the ass of the businessman. She then pushed him, and he ended up flat on the bed. Yasmine climbed on top of him, inserted her cock into him again, but this time in a much more violent way than the previous time, and then started again. David Linch started screaming again while she gave him many kisses on his neck and nibbled one of his ears.

Because of the tightness of Mr. Linch’s ass, it did not take long for the young woman to cum. David then felt a huge amount of hot, viscous fluid pouring into him. Lucky for him, she was wearing a condom. Otherwise, his ass would have been filled to the brim. Nevertheless, this marked the end of his ordeal, or so he thought.

“Wow, it’s been a long time since I came like this. Luckily, I have a lot of stamina. Then, you are ready for the second round?” she retorted less than twenty seconds after having ejaculated.

“The second round?” astonished the businessman who hoped so much to rest.

“You didn’t think I was going to stop there, not with an ass like yours. Baby, you and I are going to have a whole night of madness,” she said while showing a devastating smile.

Yasmine pulled her penis out of David’s ass, removed her used condom filled with cum, and tossed it into the corner of the room. She took another one from the box, put it on, and jumped back on her partner. The lovebirds adopted the missionary position this time.

Miss Ferra brought Linch’s knees up to his chest and inserted her penis into him again. In this posture, the pain he felt was much greater. To help him forget it, the young woman kissed him. That did not work, however. It took him about thirty minutes before he felt a hint of pleasure. The two of them continued for several hours, doing it in various positions until the young lady could not take it anymore and finally fell asleep.


The sun was almost at its zenith when Yasmine Ferra regained consciousness. When she put her hand on his side, she did not feel David’s presence. She woke up with a start and looked around. There was no sign of the businessman. Moreover, his clothes had also disappeared. Only hers and the used condoms they had used were present. This saddened Yasmine greatly as she thought that she would never again have the opportunity to spend quality time with David.

As she was about to go into the bathroom to take a well-deserved shower, her eyes were drawn to a piece of white paper lying on furniture next to the bed. She grabbed it and realized that David had left her a message.

“I’m sorry I left without saying goodbye, but you were sleeping so peacefully that I didn’t have the courage to wake you up. What I experienced with you last night was unusual, yet very exciting. If you ever feel like doing it again with me, here is my personal phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX. Call me anytime. David!”

After reading the contents of this message, the young woman felt much happier. She even got an erection. Yasmine was really looking forward to seeing David again and spending some quality time with him.

To be continued!!!

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