Chapter 03: First time (1)

David was still enjoying Yasmine’s soft and warm mouth. The young woman was using it in a way that the man had never experienced in his life. When she turned, for example, her tongue several times around his glans before suddenly going down towards his balls and doing the same with, he had the impression to lose his mind, more especially as she masturbated him all along. His body was tightening more and more, the electricity which traversed his body was gaining in intensity – it was so good that, in his head, it was not anymore a question of man or woman, but rather a Yasmine Ferra who was showing him what a true fellatio was.

The young woman thus continued to use her talent, all or it for the biggest pleasure of David. He who thought to have seized the extent of her capacities was absolutely not ready for what was going to occur thereafter. Indeed, between two testicle licking sessions, Yasmine deposited some of her saliva on one of her fingers – on her middle finger to be more precise – before trying to push it in the ass of her partner, which made him react accordingly.

“Wow! Wow! Wow! What…what are you trying to do?!” the man said, getting up suddenly.

“No need to act like that, David. Let yourself go, you’ll love it,” she replied.

“No! No, but no! It won’t happen. Your finger’s nothing to do there.”

“You love it when I suck you, right?”

“Yes, but your…”

At this moment, Yasmine put her finger on his lips and told him that if he liked her blowjobs, then he would necessarily love what she was about to do to him.

“Trust me, you’ll really love it,” she continued.

The man was extremely reluctant to have Ferra’s finger in his ass, especially since he had never indulged in this kind of practice. However, he could not deny that her blowjobs were extraordinary. So, if she was telling him that he was going to enjoy her new treatment as well, then that meant that it was just as amazing. After a few moments of thought, he finally agreed and let her do her thing.

David thus observed Yasmine sucking his cock a few moments, emitting at the same time some moans, before lying down again on the bed. The young woman then took advantage of this occasion to wet her middle finger once more right before beginning to insert it very gently in Linch’s anus. This one then found the sensation rather disturbing. Indeed, on a side he had the pleasure that he got from the mouth of Ferra and, on the other, he had her finger that gave him to desire to defecate, which was very far from the feeling that she had promised him. He was then tempted to tell her to stop, but preferred to give her the benefit of the doubt, the young woman having just started.


A few minutes passed and the man felt his desire to ejaculate in Yasmine’s mouth becoming more and more accentuated. He then wondered if he had to inform her little time before he cum, but ended up saying to himself that it did not have importance and that she would end up swallowing it. Also, he was beginning to get used to having a finger in his ass. Each of Ferra’s back-and-forth moves became even somewhat pleasant, although the sensation was still very far from rivaling that provided by her fellatio. It was without counting the young woman’s intervention who touched a rather peculiar zone, thus provoking a sudden and intense rise of pleasure which concluded by the abrupt ejaculation of David.

Linch did not have time to wonder about the source of this pleasure or even to recover from his recent ejaculation when Yasmine went on to continue her fellatio and anal fingering session. She was determined to show to David what she was really capable of. The poor man, whose heart was beating at a frantic pace, did not know where to put his head. He was bombarded with inner and outer stimuli almost to a sensory overdose. It was more than he had asked for, much more. Unfortunately for him, the young woman did not intend to stop immediately, very determined to absorb his soul by his cock.

More than fifteen minutes later, Yasmine finally stopped her fellatio and stood up. She then had sperm at the corners of her lips – sperm that she hastened to clean with the tip of her finger before swallowing it – but she also had the beginning of an erection. She climbed onto the bed and went to kiss an exhausted David who was not immediately aware of everything that was happening. He was still in some sort of ecstasy phase from everything he had just been through.

“So, how did you find it?” she asked between kisses.

“Ex…traordinary. It was simply extraordinary,” he replied, trying to catch his breath.

The man had no other word to qualify the last minutes that he had just spent in her company. He then hoped to recover some energy for the continuation, but unfortunately for him, it was not going to be the case.

“I’m glad you liked it. Now we can get down to business.”

“To business?!”

“Yes, we’ve only just started. The night is still young. We still have a lot of time ahead of us.”

This was very bad news for David who had not yet recovered from his previous experience. He who had just cum twice in less than thirty minutes needed to take a break and he had to make it clear to the young woman immediately.

“Yasmine, I am 47 years old. I’m not as hardy as I was in my 20s. I need…”

Once more, Ferra interrupted him with a kiss before declaring that he did not need to worry and that he should just rest while she took care of the rest.


“I’ll take care of everything, David. You just rest.”

The young woman seized Linch’s penis, which had softened in the meantime, and put it back in her mouth. She needed it to regain its strength so that she could continue to have fun with it. For his part, David begged Yasmine to stop, saying he really needed to rest, but she would not listen. He wondered what kind of creature he had brought into his room. Not only was she a different kind of woman, with much manlier attributes than he had, but she also had an overwhelming sexual appetite.

Linch remembered the scene in the restaurant when she had told him she was Brazilian. At that moment, he had been rather happy to learn it, having told himself that her libido was going to spice up their sexual intercourse. Now, it was that same libido that had not only become a problem for him, but it was also likely to end his life, and this while they were still in the foreplay phase.

“Oh, Lord! Give me the strength to be able to hold on until she runs out,” he thought.

Yasmine had finally managed to reinvigorate David’s penis to her great pleasure. She then deposited a large amount of saliva on it before standing over the man, grabbing his cock, and gently inserting it inside her anus.

For the young woman, having a cock inside her ass gave her immense pleasure, which explained why she did not hesitate for a second to insert it all the way in. Once this was done, she began to move slowly, and this in order to allow David to adapt to the new environment which he was now evolving in. As far as Linch was concerned, the situation in which he found himself at the moment was really very particular. Indeed, it was clear that Yasmine was using him at the moment. She had been in charge of everything since the beginning. She did not listen to him and had imposed her own pace, and he was only undergoing them. It was the first time that such a thing occurred with one of his conquests.

In fact, when he thought about it, he had experienced a lot for the first time during the last hour. Ferra was the very first woman of Brazilian descent that he had dinner with, the very first woman he brought into his room, but also the very first woman with a dick to stick a finger up his ass and have sex with. This night was truly the night of firsts.


As he turned away his glance from the ceiling of the room to the young woman who straddled him, David was astonished by the singular sight which he had. Indeed, not only this one did not manage to withdraw his glance from Yasmine’s dick, which rocked in all the directions to the rhythm of her movements, but he also noticed this latter had also gained in volume. However, it always seemed not to have reached its maximum. He wondered once again how she managed to hide this monstrosity under her dress without it being noticed. It was beyond comprehension.

A few minutes later, although he was enjoying himself as one with Ferra, Linch could not ignore the growing pain in his penis. Indeed, the man had already cum twice and was on his way to doing so a third time. It was starting to take a toll on his member, which is why he wanted to rest so badly. So, he once again tried to plead his case with Yasmine, but she did not listen to him, too preoccupied with her personal pleasure. It became problematic for him who doubted he had enough strength to remove his penis from this woman.

“Fuck it!” he exclaimed suddenly.

Without warning, David grabbed Yasmine’s cock before straightening up and sucking one of her breasts. That excited enormously the young woman who could not prevent herself from moaning, more especially as he nibbled her nipple while masturbating her. Seeing that he had begun to move his pelvis, Ferra put her two arms around his head and began to squeeze very hard.

“Yes, that’s it. Continue. Don’t stop,” she retorted.

Linch was obviously not about to stop. If she wanted to make him cum an umpteenth time, as much as he is this time in the fire of the action. He would do all his best to hold as long as possible, even if the pain which he felt in his cock was increasing to the point of becoming unbearable. However, he had to admit that this sexual relationship had taken a completely different turn. Now that had more the air of a session of torture than a moment of pleasure between two consenting adults, at least it was his point of view. On Yasmine’s side, one could say that she was enjoying herself to the fullest.

The couple rocked under the action of the young woman and Linch found himself again lying on the bed again. Although, unlike the previous time when he was free to move his arms as he wished, they were now firmly held above his head. This situation absolutely did not please the man who had the impression of finding himself in the role of the woman. He then tried to free himself from the hold of Yasmine who was kissing him at this moment, but he realized very quickly that she had quite a lot of physical strength. He just couldn’t, Ferra was holding him down vigorously.

“You’re not going anywhere, David. I’m not done with you yet.”

These words did not reassure Linch, who even had a very bad feeling after hearing them.

To be continued!!!

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