Chapter 04: Olivia Price (1)

Comfortably seated in his seat, David Linch watched the landscape unfold through the window. It had only been a few minutes since his plane took off and he was already bored. He would have liked to continue his conversation with Yasmine, but she had finally gone for a bath, leaving him alone for what he hoped would not be too long. Fortunately for David, the stewardess approached him and offered him some champagne.

“Gladly!” he replied.

The young blond woman served the businessman while showing a devastating smile. Watching her from head to toe, David found her totally to his taste. As she slowly filled his glass with champagne, Mr. Linch thought about how to take advantage of the situation. He still had a good hour of flying ahead of him.

“Why don’t you sit down with me and enjoy this bottle of champagne with me?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Linch, but I’m not allowed to do that,” said the young woman.

Although she said this, it was clear that the young lady wanted to sit next to this rich businessman and enjoy the trip with him.

“And who else but the two of us will know? It’s not like the pilots are going to come and watch us,” Mr. Linch replied.

David could clearly see that the young woman was hesitating. So, he encouraged her a little more, telling her that if she didn’t sit down beside him, he would never be able to finish the bottle she had brought, and that drinking alone was a rather unpleasant experience. In front of Mr. Linch’s words, the young woman finally decided and sat down in front of him.

“Thank you very much Miss…”

“Olivia! Olivia Price,” replied the stewardess.

“Thank you, Miss Price, for keeping me company during this flight,” continued the businessman while serving her a glass of champagne.

The two then began to savor their sparkling drink while exchanging charming glances. The young woman then took the opportunity to ask David what he did for a living. The only thing she knew about him was that the person in front of her was someone with huge financial means as he was traveling by private jet. The businessman smiled slightly and told her that he was the CEO of an investment fund company.

The businessman took out his business card from his inside jacket pocket and handed it to the young woman. This was enough to accentuate Miss Price’s interest in him and bring Mr. Linch a little closer to his goal of getting her phone number and sleeping with her, not necessarily in that order.

While the businessman took a new sip of champagne, his interlocutor said to herself that she had found the person who was going to take care of her from now on and give her the life she had always dreamed of having. It was true that her job allowed her to travel for free, but she didn’t have the opportunity to choose the destination nor to really enjoy this advantage. So, her objective was clear. It was necessary that Mr. Linch fall under her charm.

With everyone’s goals now set, neither party was really surprised when Mr. Linch asked Miss Price if she had anyone in her life.

“No. Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone in my life,” she replied.

David could hardly believe what Ms. Price had just told him. It was very unlikely that a young woman as charming as she would have no one in her life. Nevertheless, his goal was not to be her boyfriend or anything like that, so the businessman did not hold it against her. On the contrary, he didn’t care at all. All he cared about was having sex with her.

“And you, Mr. Linch. Do you have someone in your life?”

“It would seem so,” David replied.

The man preferred to stop there, not liking to talk about his private life. Besides, the young woman in front of him didn’t need to know that. It wasn’t as if he was ever going to introduce her to his wife and children. For her part, Miss Price had no problem with the fact that there was already someone in Mr. Linch’s life, as long as he was willing to take care of her financially, she wouldn’t mind.

Obviously not wanting to talk about his personal life, the duo had to find other topics of conversation. After a few minutes, the businessman received a new message from Miss Ferra.

“I’m here,” she sent with a photograph of herself in which she was again completely naked.

Seeing her image, David’s libido increased. He now wanted to get laid. Yasmine not being present at his side, he immediately returned his attention to Olivia.

“Miss Price, would you like to have a good time with me?”

Olivia immediately understood what he was getting at. If it had been an average person who had asked her such a thing, she would no doubt have responded in an unpleasant way. However, it was David Linch, the CEO of an investment fund company, a man with a huge portfolio. So, she gladly accepted his invitation. With a slight smile of satisfaction, the businessman offered her his hand, which she took. The two of them then got up from their seats and headed for the back of the plane.


Unlike a normal airliner, the toilets on Mr. Linch’s private jet were a testament to the lifestyle the businessman lived on a daily basis. It was much more spacious than the one in a commercial plane, had a floor made of exotic materials such as marble, and had equally eccentric utilities carved from wood. It was not something the average person could hope or dream to be around in their life.

As the duo arrived in this room, they began to exchange languid kisses. For Miss Price, it was an opportunity that she should absolutely not miss. Therefore, she gave her best performance. She kissed him passionately. The young woman tried to give him a kiss in the neck, but this one withdrew suddenly.

“Not there!” exclaimed Mr. Linch.

The reason he didn’t want the stewardess to kiss him on the neck was very simple. He didn’t want her to leave lipstick marks on his white shirt. That would be likely to attract the attention of his wife on his extramarital affairs, which he obviously did not want. Miss Price was not too concerned by this, so she continued with her kisses.

A few minutes passed and the young woman slipped from now on her hands towards the crotch of the businessman. Without missing a beat, Miss Price undid David’s belt buckle, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them down. Olivia then reached into Linch’s underwear, pulled out his sex, and squatted down. She then put the businessman’s dick in her mouth and began oral sex.

On his side, David Linch closed his eyes and enjoyed what the lady had to offer. At the same time, he began to think of Yasmine Ferra. Gradually, the image of Yasmine Ferra performing oral sex on him appeared in his mind, which excited him even more. As a result, Olivia thought she was totally responsible for the businessman’s behavior when he suddenly put his hand on her head to help her put more force into what she was doing.

Not surprisingly, the memories of the previous evening popped into David’s head again. He saw himself in room 305 of the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, lying on the bed, and completely at the mercy of Yasmine Ferra. Because of these precise images, it didn’t take long for the businessman to empty the contents of his testicles into the stewardess’s mouth. Not having been warned, the latter inadvertently swallowed some of the whitish liquid.

Miss Price stood up and spat the contents of her mouth into the sink behind her before opening the water supply. While she leaned forward to angrily clean herself, her posture excited Mr. Linch who approached her discreetly. He then pulled up her skirt and lowered her panties.

“Hey, take it easy, Mr. Linch,” exclaimed Olivia Price.

The young woman was visibly satisfied by the turn which took the events, forgetting what just had happened. She was one step closer to her goal. As soon as he would introduce his penis inside her, there would be no way for him to escape her, at least that’s what she thought at that moment. For his part, the businessman just wanted to get off, nothing more.

While he delicately spread her posterior, David was pleasantly surprised to note that the young lady had a splendid vagina. The latter had beautiful and perfectly symmetrical lips. It was as if they had been surgically treated. It was then that David remembered that he didn’t have any condoms on him. What a shame! So, he had to give up on the idea of penetrating Miss Price’s beautiful sex. That’s okay. If he couldn’t have the front, then he would have to settle for the back.

So, David Linch grabbed his penis and positioned it right at the entrance of the lady’s anus. Understanding immediately what he wanted to do, Olivia straightened up.

“It’s not meant for this kind of thing,” she told him.

As much as she wanted to, there were some things the young woman wasn’t ready to do. She still had some self-respect.

“Even if I don’t want to do it there, my vagina is always available to you.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have a condom on me,” David replied.

“That’s okay. I am not in the middle of a period,” retorted the young lady while visibly trying to reassure him.

“I see myself constrained to refuse.”

Even if the businessman liked to sleep with young and beautiful women, he preferred to do it with a protection. The main reason for this was very simple: he absolutely did not want to impregnate one of his conquests. And even if one of them came up with an excuse like what Miss Price had just done, it was still out of the question for him to jump the gun. He had no confidence in the words of these women, it was much too risky.

While the businessman was about to pull up his pants, that she saw his big fish moving away more and more from her, Miss Price took a radical decision. She was going to give him what he wanted, because after all, it was out of the question that she let him go like that.

“Wait!” she exclaimed again.

The young woman turned around and leaned forward once more. Unlike the previous time, she spread her buttocks herself so that the businessman did not have to.

“You can go,” she said.

David Linch couldn’t help but smile at this peculiar invitation, which invigorated his erection. The businessman moved once more towards the young lady, placed his penis correctly, and inserted it very gently. The young woman then clenched her teeth while the man entered more and more deeply in her.

After several dozen seconds, David was completely inside Olivia. It was time to start the back-and-forth session. He began by taking it easy, wanting to give the young woman time to get used to it. On her side, Miss Price said to herself that there was no way she could adapt to this kind of pain. In fact, she was already beginning to regret her decision to let Mr. Linch enter her there. In any case, she had to resist until he came.

The businessman put his hands on the hips of the young woman and gripped them firmly. It was at this precise moment that he began to accelerate the cadence gradually. While David put more vigor in his back-and-forth movements, he remembered once more his adventure of the previous night. He imagined that Yasmine was in Olivia’s place. Her penis swinging to the rhythm of his movements excited him enormously, which result in his premature ejaculation. Clearly, Miss Ferra was influencing him, and not just a little. Mr. Linch withdrew from Olivia who was relieved that it was finally over, but also happy that she was finally going to enjoy a better life.

While the young woman went to empty the results of tens of minutes of debauchery into the toilet, David cleaned his sex in the sink. It had done him a lot of good to empty himself into such a beautiful woman. He told himself that it was something to do again later. Since she had his card, she could contact him almost any time she wanted.

After a few minutes, the duo left the aircraft’s bathroom and went back to their seats. The two began to discuss the next steps they were going to take, especially those concerning the relationship that the two had from now on. It was clear that after what had just happened, there was no chance that they would separate as if they were simple strangers.

To be continued!!!

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