Chapter 05: A curious deal

There was a certain silence between the businessman and the stewardess as they sat together for a few dozen seconds. The lady exchanged a few glances with Mr. Linch, which made him smile slightly. David grabbed the bottle of champagne and offered the young woman another round. She accepted and took her glass.

The businessman filled Miss Price’s glass before taking care of his own. The two took then some sips of the precious nectar while observing the gesture of the other. It was at this moment that a certain idea crossed the mind of Mr. Linch.

“Miss Price… Olivia, I have something to propose to you,” he said, putting down his glass.

The young woman put her glass on the small table in front of her, waiting for what the businessman was about to say.

“How would you like to become one of my mistresses?” he asked.

Miss Price pretended to be surprised by David’s request even though she was extremely pleased that he was making this proposal. However, the “one of my mistresses” frustrated her greatly. Given the businessman’s status, it was perfectly conceivable that he would have several mistresses, but the thought that he would have other women besides his wife made Olivia a little angry. She wanted to be the only one to enjoy the life of luxury that had just been offered to her. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do about it, at least for now.

“I—I don’t really know what to say,” she said.

Although she seemed to be hesitant, it was a subterfuge on Olivia’s part to avoid showing Mr. Linch that she was glad he had asked her. Unfortunately, the businessman could read her like an open book. So, he knew exactly what she was thinking.

“There’s no problem. Take all the time you need. You’ll give me your answer in due time…,” David retorted, handing her his business card at the same time.

However, as Miss Price took it, the businessman added something else.

“However, if you are going to accept my proposal, there is one thing you’ll have to do first before I start taking care of you.”

“What is it?” Olivia asked curiously.

She hadn’t expected things to go this far. She was hoping to manipulate David into a more or less advantageous position among Mr. Linch’s various mistresses.

“My friends and I will be hosting a very special event next Saturday. We call it the Tasting Session, and I’d love for you to attend.”

This was so unexpected. Had he really just invited her to an event where several members of high society would be present? If her hearing hadn’t deceived her, then she had to say yes at all costs. It was a golden opportunity. Even if the man in front of her refused to take her as his mistress, she would find another man to do so during this famous Tasting Session. Who would be able to resist her charms if she really went for it?

“I’ll—I’ll think about it,” said Miss Price, finally grabbing the business card.

David Linch grabbed his glass of champagne again and settled comfortably into his seat. Smiling, he had completely understood the personality of the young woman and knew in advance the answer she was going to give him. All he had to do was wait wisely.

While he savored his glass of champagne, Mr. Linch began to imagine his next face to face with Miss Price, which had for effect to gradually make harden his sex. It had to be said that the young woman had very persuasive arguments, arguments that he was eager to put to the test again.

A few moments later, David’s cell phone started to vibrate. The businessman took the device out and checked to see what it was all about. It was a new message from Yasmine. When Mr. Linch looked at it, he was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a nude picture of the young woman, which made him smile again. The sight of this digital file also had the effect of strengthening his already growing erection.

It had barely been a few hours that the businessman had met Miss Ferra and this last one already exerted a certain effect on him. David was not really the kind of man to get attached to his numerous mistresses. For him, they were nothing more than a means to satisfy his sexual urges. However, this was not really the case with Miss Ferra. Certainly, he had more or less the same vision of the things with her, but there was also something different, something that he could not explain to himself for the time being.

For her part, Miss Price, who had noticed the physiological change in David, was curious to know which of his mistresses was responsible for this. Although she hadn’t given him an answer yet, she was already interested in the other people she would have to share the businessman with. It was always advantageous to put a picture on the face of your enemies, she thought. So, Olivia tried to glance at David’s phone, but having seen the lady’s movement, he immediately locked his screen.

“Ms. Price, if there’s one important thing you should know about me, it’s that I don’t like people poking their noses into my private life,” Mr. Linch said seriously.

The fact that David suddenly started talking to her with formal manners and a serious tone made Miss Price realize that she had better respect what he had just said. So, she sat back in her seat, looked away slightly, and took another sip of champagne. The things having been made clear, the businessman could return to admire the splendid naked photographs of Miss Ferra.

To be continued!!!

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