Chapter 01: A strange book

Twenty-year-old Cherone Parker found herself in a bizarre situation, to say the least. If only she had known it was going to end this way, she might have acted completely differently. Now that this thing was forced its way into her mouth, it was far too late.

A few hours earlier

Cherone was a second-year student in organizational communication. At the same time, the young woman was also taking language courses such as English, Japanese, and Italian. Her life was thus punctuated by studies and work. However, she found time to relax by watching some anime, going out with her friends, and sometimes partying.

The young woman was in a quiet corner of her university library, reading a book from the pile next to her. She was also taking notes, preparing for her final exams that would take place in a few weeks. For almost an hour, Cherone read some of the contents of her book and wrote down in her notebook everything she thought was important to remember. Suddenly, an urge arose. Miss Parker then got up from her seat and headed to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, as she left the bathroom and returned to her seat, something caught Cherone’s eye. It was a book that had been misplaced in one of the library shelves. The young woman went towards it to put it back in place, thinking at that moment that it might fall on the floor. As she grabbed the book, she could not help but admire it. Indeed, its cover was made of what looked like leather. There were also strange inscriptions engraved on it. Strangely enough, Miss Parker could not seem to turn her attention away from it. It was as if she could hear a little voice in her head telling her to keep it. Finally, after several minutes of looking at the book, she decided to take it with her.

Back at her workplace, the young woman discreetly put the book she had just found in her backpack and resumed her reading session. After a few minutes, Cherone could no longer concentrate, the little voice in her head prevented her from doing so. All her mind was focused on the object in her backpack. She was curious to know what was written inside. So, Miss Parker stopped what she was doing and turned her gaze to the bottom of her chair. As her hand moved closer and closer to her bag, the young woman abruptly stopped. Something told her not to try to open that book in this place.

Parker held back and retracted her hand. She then grabbed her notebook, her books, and her other belongings and carefully put them in her bag. She got up, left the library, and headed to her room.


The campus where Cherone was studying was huge, at least the size of an entire neighborhood. Because of this, a transportation system consisting of numerous buses dedicated solely to students had been set up by the university authorities. Ms. Parker got on the bus and waited about ten minutes before getting off at the next stop that was not far from her home.

While she was in front of her door, Cherone heard a strange noise coming from inside. She figured it must be Veronica Brook, her 22-year-old roommate whom she had been living with for a few months. The two women got along well even though Miss Parker did not appreciate some of her personality traits, especially the noises she made when she brought boys into her room. Other than that, Cherone had no complaints about her behavior.

The young woman finally opened the door to her home and went inside. Unfortunately for her, when she stepped into their living room, she came face to face with her completely naked roommate who was riding a young man on their couch. Cherone was shocked at what was happening before her eyes. How could Veronica allow herself to do that in such a place and, moreover, in the sofa which everyone was sitting in?

“The door! Close the door!” Miss Brook exclaimed suddenly.

Cherone complied and closed the door. She then wanted to have a very serious conversation with her roommate about her current behavior but found that this was not the right time. She headed to her room, avoiding as much as possible a glance at the couple in the big chair.

Miss Parker put down her backpack at the foot of her bed, then laid down on it. She still could not believe that her roommate would dare to have sex in their living room instead of in her bedroom. Still, it was a room she regularly frequented. What if she had run into one of her friends on the way home and invited him or her over for a drink? Would she have even been able to look him or her in the face after that? While all these questions were going through her mind, Cherone thought it was time for her and Veronica to establish some rules for the common areas of their home.

A few minutes passed and Cherone’s mind focused more and more on what had caused her to return home early. The young woman stood up, grabbed her bag, and pulled out the strange book. As she touched it again, Miss Parker could not help but get a strange feeling. Not only did this book feel different from the others, but Cherone was mysteriously drawn to it. She tried to open it, but strangely enough, she could not. No matter how hard she tried, the blanket refused to move an inch.

The young woman was confused. The book had no lock. So, something like this was not supposed to happen. Suddenly, as she ran her thumb along the edges of the cover, Miss Parker hurt herself. Cherone immediately withdrew her finger and placed it in her mouth. She did not understand what had just happened, and when she looked at the spot where she had cut herself, no blood was visible. The young woman was even more confused than before.

However, this was nothing compared to what happened next. A peculiar sound suddenly rang out in the young woman’s room. It was as if someone had suddenly exhaled deeply. Afterwards, the book that was previously locked opened without Cherone’s intervention. A normal person, seeing these strange phenomena, would undoubtedly have done everything to get rid of this object, but this was not the case for Miss Parker. She was far too curious to know what was inside.

The young woman opened the book and began to turn its pages. This one was filled with drawings and writings that she did not understand. Cherone thought that it must be Latin or a language close enough. As she continued to turn the pages, her attention stopped on one in particular. On it, she could clearly make out some kind of greasy spot left by someone’s hand. There was also a small area marked “Don’t read aloud”.

Miss Parker found this very amusing. She thought that whoever had left this on the page must have thought they were in some sort of supernatural horror movie. Unfortunately for her, this was not something Cherone believed in. Horror did exist, but it came in the form of deranged people attacking other people, sometimes for no reason at all. There was nothing supernatural about it, it was just the deranged minds of men.

To prove to herself that she was right, the young woman did the exact opposite of what was written on the page and read the text aloud. For almost two minutes, she managed to pronounce each word while hoping that her pronunciation was correct. When she reached the end of the text, she waited a few seconds to see if anything would finally happen.

“Nothing supernatural as I thought,” she said afterwards.

The young woman then put the book on her bed, wondering at the same time why she had wasted her time doing such useless things. She then got up and went to the kitchen to make herself something to eat. However, just as she was about to open the door of her room, she remembered that Veronica was still in the living room, which instantly deterred her. Cherone decided to wait for them to finish their business before making herself something to eat.

As Miss Parker made her way to her bed, she realized that something had changed in the room. A huge pentagram had been drawn on the floor. This sudden appearance was enough to frighten the young woman who immediately wanted to leave the room. Unfortunately for her, at the moment when she was about to seize the handle of the door, something came to catch her by the arm.

A tentacle! Cherone was suddenly pulled backwards by a tentacle. The young woman now found herself in a situation worthy of the worst of the hentai. Miss Parker wanted to scream for Veronica and the young man she was with to come to her aid. Unfortunately, as she was about to do so, a new tentacle prevented her from doing so by wrapping itself around her mouth. Cherone was gradually surrounded by these things, which resulted in her being progressively deprived of all movement.

When she was almost a meter above the ground, the young woman could finally see where these monstrosities were coming from. The pentagram that had appeared a few moments earlier was the origin of these things. Cherone had just realized that by saying the writing in the book out loud, she had unwittingly created a kind of portal which these tentacles came out from.

As tentacles made their way under her clothes, Miss Parker began to regret her actions. If she had known that she would end up in a situation like this, she would have never tried to put that “damn” book back in place. Now it was far too late. She would have to face the consequences of her acts.

Tears began to flow down Cherona’s face as two of the tentacles were now in her panties. Suddenly, they tore each of her clothes, stripping the young woman naked in the process. Some of these things then rubbed against Miss Parker’s clitoris and breasts for many minutes, which she found humiliating and degrading.

After a period of time, the tentacle that was playing with Cherone’s crotch stopped abruptly. Miss Parker’s legs were then spread against her will. Immediately afterwards, the young woman’s eyes widened greatly as she felt one of those things working its way inside her. It was a very painful experience, the tentacle being quite large. It caused some discomfort, as well as a slight flow of blood. Another tentacle decided to attack the damsel’s ass, while a third one slowly crept into her mouth.

The three orifices of Cherone being now occupied, the back-and-forth movements did not delay. The young woman found herself in a kind of tentacular orgy in which each action was quite as painful as the previous one. The thing in her vagina sank so deeply in her that it came into contact with her womb, which resulted in a slight swelling of Miss Parker’s belly at each trust.

On the other side, it was not better. Cherone was not a fan of anal practices, so the pain she felt with each back-and-forth movement could not be defined with simple words. She felt like her ass was going to be torn apart at any moment. It was truly excruciating. Only the young woman’s mouth was more or less spared, with Parker only experiencing a deep throat one time out of four. Nevertheless, it was still extremely unpleasant.

To be continued !!!

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