Chapter 01: Natacha Barnes (Part 1)

A young woman suddenly walked into one of the bathrooms of a luxurious mansion. She had silver-gray curly hair, ebony skin, light brown eyes, and was wearing a blue nightie that revealed everything she was wearing underneath, namely her panties. She placed herself in front of the mirror and admired her reflection. The young lady displayed the expression of a person about to do something she would regret.

“My makeup,” she suddenly said while a tear started to run down her face.

As she wiped the tear away, someone suddenly knocked on the door before entering the room. It was a woman wearing a completely black three-piece suit with a white tie.

“Miss Barnes, the ceremony is about to begin,” she said.

“I’ll be right there.”

The young woman threw the handkerchief she was holding in her hand into a trash can before following this new character.

One week before

One Saturday morning, in a small Starbucks, two young and pretty women in their twenties were having coffee. On one side, we had Natacha Barnes, a 25-year-old woman wearing a red hat, a short white dress, and a pair of black ballerinas, while on the other side stood her best friend, Enola Johns, who was the same age as her, and was wearing a t-shirt of the same color as Natacha’s dress, gray Jean pants, and a pair of gray sneakers.

Miss Barnes had made an appointment with her best friend to discuss an event that had taken place at the company where she worked. However, several minutes after sitting down at the table, Natasha still hadn’t opened up to Enola.

“So, are you going to tell me what happened, or are you going to pretend you only called me for coffee?”

Natasha then looked her straight in the eye, took another sip of her bitter beverage, and put her cup on the table in front of her.

“Enola, I’ve recently learned that Harlock got another pay raise!”

“Wait, are you talking about the chick at your workplace you hate to death?”

“Herself. You don’t know how much it pisses me off. I work just as hard as her, maybe harder than her. I’ve never been late for work or for any of my reports. I am as competent as she is, and Mr. Invictus knows it. So, why is she the one who gets the promotion and not me?” said Natacha, banging her fist on the table.

Her gesture attracted the attention of people sitting around them, who then wondered what could be going on at their table. Enola suggested to her best friend to calm down, adding that everyone’s eyes were on her as well.

“Look, I know you’re really upset, but you don’t have to take it out on this poor table. Look, you even spilled your coffee,” she continued.


After looking around and seeing that most of the people in the Starbucks were indeed looking at them, the young woman let out a deep sigh and apologized to Enola. A few moments later, she also apologized to the employee who came to clean up the mess she had made and also took the opportunity to order a new coffee to replace the one she had just spilled.

“Sorry again. I never thought this whole thing would get the best of me,” Ms. Barnes suddenly replied after letting out another sigh.

“I totally understand you. If I had been in your place, I would certainly have reacted the same way. By the way, have you talked to Michael about this?”

Michael, whose full name was Michael Orzak, was Natasha’s fiancé. The two had met during their second year of college and had decided to stay together. You could say that the two had been in love for almost seven years. The young couple had even planned to take the next step in their relationship in a few months.

“Yes, I talked to him about it, and he told me to do the same thing as Tess. In fact, he even specified that I should go knock on my boss’s door, look him in the eye, and ask him for a pay raise,” Natasha replied.


“That’s exactly what I thought when he suggested me do that.”

Natasha later told her that – again according to Michael – her three years of seniority allowed her to do this, and that it was practically her right to do so. However, she was hesitant to act.

“Why? I agree with him, and I really think you should do it. You deserve a raise too,” Miss Johns said.

Miss Barnes was silent for a few dozen seconds. She was thinking about the pros and cons of such an action.

“You know what? You’re both right. Monday after work, I’m going to ask Mr. Invictus to raise my salary too,” she exclaimed playfully.

“That’s great! My heart goes out to you.”

The young man who had come to clean up a few minutes earlier returned with Natasha’s new coffee. He put it on the table and was thanked once again for his service. With the two of them alone again, Miss Barnes and Miss Johns moved on to other topics of conversation, including Natasha’s new haircut.

“I still can’t believe you dyed your hair silver gray. When you told me you were going to do it, I thought you were pulling a prank on me.”

“Do you like it?! Michael also couldn’t believe his eyes when I came home yesterday with this haircut. He even said that it was special,” Natasha said while touching her hair.

“I can imagine his reaction. But, why the silver gray?” asked Enola, curious.

“Just like that. In fact, when I was browsing the mall for hair dye, I came across it and thought it wouldn’t be bad on me,” she answered.

“I see.”

Miss Johns couldn’t believe her ears. To think that she had chosen this color on a whim without knowing if that would go well with her. It was Natasha all over again. At this moment, a certain thought crossed the young woman’s mind. She was wondering what result it would have given if her friend had chosen a color like magenta pink or purple. She imagined the reactions of her boyfriend and his colleagues, which made her laugh slightly.

“Anyway, it suits you very well,” she continued.

“Thank you.”

After this brief conversation, Miss Barnes asked her best friend if she was up for shopping time. Unsurprisingly, she said she didn’t even need to ask. The two women then finished their coffee, paid their bill, and headed to their favorite shopping mall.

Natacha and Enola (Art by Crystalinart)


It was now Sunday around 8 a.m. and an alarm clock was ringing in a room. A hand reached out from under the sheets, grabbed the object on one of the bedside tables, and stopped the horrible sound. A few moments later, a young woman with silver-gray hair stretched her arms and gave a slight moan. She then turned to the brown-haired, slightly square-jawed young man sleeping next to her. When she touched him, he slowly woke up and then took her in his arms.

“Hmm! Good morning to you,” he said at the same time.

“Good morning, my love. Did you sleep well?” resumed the young woman by kissing him.

“With such a creature at my sides, how not to sleep well?”

“What a flatterer!”

While their eyes adapted gradually to the luminosity of the room, Natacha went up abruptly on her fiancé. Michael then ran his hand over her face and fixed her hair.

“Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?”

“Yes, the man I’m engaged to tells me that very often,” she said, bringing her face closer to his.

“What a lucky man.”

“He indeed is.”

The two young people kissed then passionately during several minutes. While the tension between the two increased gradually, Michael removed the T-shirt his fiancée was wearing. The young man then passed his hands along her back, delicately caressing every inch of her soft skin.

He then passed his hands around her and suddenly reversed the roles. Natacha was now under him and vice versa. After a short mad laugh from the young woman, the two kissed again. Natacha’s body was warm and pleasant to the touch. He caressed her belly, then her firm chest while giving her numerous kisses on the neck. She appreciated enormously the sensations which she felt at this moment and the fact that she was desired by the man whom she liked accentuated the whole thing.

Michael gradually lowered his hand towards the crotch of his fiancée, thus causing her to breathe deeply when it went into her small panties. Natacha, who had at this moment her arms around him, scratched his back in response to the gesture he had just committed. The young man stopped kissing her, looked her straight in the eyes, and began to laugh slightly.

“I am sorry,” Natacha retorted.

“No need to apologize. I like that.”

Just as he finished his sentence, Michael abruptly inserted a finger inside her, causing Miss Barnes to let out a slight moan. He had been so abrupt, not giving her time to prepare herself. Was it his way of repaying her for what she had done to his back? Knowing her man, it was most likely the case. The two lovebirds kissed again, but this time with Michael going back and forth in her.

After several minutes, Natacha could no longer hide the desire she had to be one with Michael. Not only had her body temperature risen slightly, but her crotch had also become much wetter. Added to that were the few moans she let out and her jerky breathing. However, she had an idea of how she wanted to do it, an idea that would undoubtedly please her fiancé enormously.

“Wait! Wait!” she said, interrupting him in his movements.

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

Following this abrupt interruption, the young man withdrew his finger followed by his hand from Natacha’s private parts. The latter told him that everything was fine and that she just wanted to do it in a special way. Miss Barnes slightly pushed her fiancé and got off the bed.

Standing now at the edge of their bed, Miss Barnes grabbed her little lace panties before leaning forward slowly, lowering them gradually. Michael, who was observing the scene in silence, could not help but be hypnotized by what he had before his eyes. It was, however, not the first time that he saw her acting in this way, but the result was the same each time.

The more Natacha went down, the harder it was for him to hold still, especially since his fiancée’s buttocks were taking more and more the shape of a heart, a heart he wanted to grab, a heart he wanted to have fun with. Michael wanted to get up from the bed, wanted to go find her, wanted to take her in his arms, wanted to exchange a passionate glance with her, but especially wanted to kiss her.

Natacha, who had just removed her panties, straightened up. She then turned over towards Michael before throwing it at him. The young man caught it mid-flight and, while he was curiously looking at what was in his hand, he could not prevent himself from wondering about what had just occurred. Orzak was surprised, and not just a little. His fiancée had literally just thrown her panties at him. Many questions crossed his mind, including one concerning the nature of this gesture. 

While Michael had his mind occupied, Miss Barnes took the opportunity to move towards the bathroom and, when the young man diverted his glance from the small panties to put it back on her, she informed him of her intentions with a simple gesture of a finger. At this moment, all made sense in Orzak’s mind. Her message was clear, “join me and let us spend a pleasant moment together.”

Leaving the door of their bathroom ajar, the young woman went to get in the shower. While he heard all that occurred inside, Michael’s mind went crazy. He was imagining the hot water running along the completely stripped body of Natacha. A few seconds later, not being able to resist this call, the young man got up from the bed, took off his underpants and threw them on the floor, and went to find his fiancée.


When Michael arrived in the bathroom, the glass door of their shower was completely covered with mist, leaving only Natacha’s beautiful silhouette visible. Despite the fact that he couldn’t see her directly, the young man couldn’t help but be attracted to her. So, Orzak slowly opened the door and slithered under the shower like a snake.

As he stood behind Miss Barnes, the young man tenderly placed his hands on her shoulders. He then descended them along her arms while giving her many kisses on the neck. Natacha, who had her eyes closed at this moment in order to savor the softness of Michael’s lips which were posed on her skin, raised her right arm, and passed thereafter her hand in her man’s hair.

While he passed his left hand on the chest of Natacha – caressing it delicately – before going down towards her flat belly, Michael placed the right one on her left joy. He then guided the face of the young woman to his before kissing her. During several minutes, the couple Barnes-Orzak exchanged languorous and passionate kisses under a torrent of hot water caressing their naked bodies.

After two minutes of passionate kissing, Natasha turned around and looked her beloved straight in the eyes. It was only a simple look, but their eyes showed all the love they felt for each other. Michael, who by this time had his arm around her waist, brought his lips to hers and the two kissed again. However, unlike the previous time, it did not last more than a minute. Indeed, the young man suddenly tackled Miss Barnes against the wall of the shower. Natacha bit her lower lip after this gesture. She liked it when Michael showed himself so enterprising.

Orzak firmly grabbed his fiancée’s arms and placed them above her head. He slowly approached his face to hers, and the two began to kiss again. During this time, the young man put his free hand on her chest and kneaded it delicately – pinching, twisting, and pulling her nipple from time to time. However, he didn’t intend to stop there. Michael slowly slid his hand down Natasha’s flat stomach to her crotch. There, he gently brushed her clitoris before inserting a finger inside her. This combination of actions did not leave Miss Barnes indifferent. This one thus ended up emitting a light moan, one among all those which were about to arrive.

The couple continued to exchange passionate kisses for several minutes. During all this time, their libido did not cease increasing. Natacha wanted Michael as much as he did.

The young woman gesticulated more and more while the finger of her man was doing numerous comings and goings inside her. That accentuated when he gave her kisses on the neck while inserting a second finger inside her, thus pushing Natacha to emit a moan much more pronounced than the previous one. She wanted at this moment to place her arms around him, but unfortunately could not do it, Michael holding her firmly. She was condemned to let herself do it until he decides to release her from his hold.

To be continued !!!

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