Chapter 02: Natacha Barnes (Part 2)

It has already been over two minutes since Michael started moving his finger inside Natacha’s vagina. Each of his back-and-forth moves made the young woman crazier and crazier, and also increased her desire to become one with him.

Fortunately for Ms. Barnes, her fiancé thought that the time had come to spice things up. He thus withdrew his finger from her vagina and presented it to her shortly afterwards. She then put it in her mouth and sucked it tenderly as if it were a simple candy. Meanwhile, Michael released her and gave her kisses on the neck. He then moved to her shoulder, slightly above her breast, on her nipple, on her stomach…

The young man went down gradually, which obviously did not leave Ms. Barnes indifferent. Each time the lips of her man were posed on her body, Natacha felt a pleasant feeling of well-being, a desire to feel something long and hard inside of her, a desire which only asked to be satisfied.

Michael was now on his knees in front of Natacha. As previously, the young man affixed delicately his lips on her lower abdomen. Orzak then grabbed the leg of his fiancée that he put on his shoulder before kissing her pubis. Ms. Barnes, who had known what he wanted to do the instant he had begun to kneel, passed her hands in his wet hair. She already apprehended the moment when his tongue would enter in contact with her clitoris, which did not delay.

Indeed, Natacha did not have to wait very long before feeling the first blows of his tongue against her clitoris. It went up and down, from left to right, and also turned on itself, all this for the biggest pleasure of madam. Michael, who by this time had both his hands on Ms. Barnes’s hips, placed one of them on one of her breasts while he inserted his fingers again into her vagina. This combination enormously accentuated Natacha’s desire who emitted strong moans. Not being able to hold back anymore, the young woman caught her fiancé by the head and forced him to get up.

“I want you inside me,” she told him.

Michael smiled slyly before kissing her again. Natacha then took advantage of this opportunity to seize his sex and introduce it in her. Doing so, the young woman emitted a moan muffled by her kiss with her fiancé while she felt each centimeter of his penis enter inside of her.

The young man made a first move, followed by a second one, then a third one… He was inside the woman he loved and therefore intended to enjoy every second that this intimate moment had to offer them. On Ms. Barnes’s side, it was the same thing. The young woman liked to feel her man in her. She liked his vigor, but also the softness that he showed her at this moment. The couple Barnes-Orzak thus devoted itself to the dance of love, exchanging by the same occasion numerous kisses under a rain of hot water.

About ten minutes later, while they were still in the same position – exchanging many kisses and caressing every inch of their bodies – Michael withdrew from his fiancée. He suddenly turned her and tackled her somewhat violently against the wall. Natacha liked that, she liked it when her man showed himself brutal in this kind of moment. The young man then took care to draw her pelvis towards him before entering again in her. The couple thus started to make love again with the same vigor as before.

Michael was pressing Natacha’s breasts. He greatly appreciated the feeling that they gave him, especially since they had the right size and the right firmness for him. His fiancée’s body excited him, much too much. He knew he had to calm down, lest he release himself too soon. But it was far too good. The feelings of warmth, wetness, and tightness were simply unimaginable. Plus, there was the place they were in. There was nothing more exciting than being one with his beloved in the shower, which was why he did not want to slow down. He forced himself to do so, however, not wanting to disappoint his sweetheart.

The young man thus slowed down his pace, just enough to avoid releasing himself too early. From her side, Ms. Barnes had no problem with this sudden change. On the contrary, she also liked when her man took the time to please her. It was one of his qualities that she appreciated enormously. He knew how to be both tender and brutal, depending on what the situation required.

The couple continued their dance of love with this slow and tender cadence. However, after a few minutes, the young man moved back slightly, pulling again towards him Ms. Barnes’s pelvis. Natacha was not anymore pressed against the wall but leaned now against it with her hands. That came really at the right time, the young woman beginning to feel somewhat uncomfortable in the previous position. Perhaps he had realized that? Perhaps he had felt that the position she was in had started to hurt her a bit? In any case, the new one which she found herself in did not displease her, quite the contrary. She could now feel the entirety of Michael’s penis entering her.

Being a man with too much energy, Michael began to get tired of the pace he was going at after a few minutes. He then decided to give it his all, even if it meant he would have to cum in the next few minutes. He thus slapped one of Natacha’s buttocks – which made her moan again – grabbed her firmly by the hips, then abruptly changed rhythm after starting with a powerful move. Orzak showed himself much more aggressive than before to the great pleasure of the woman he loved. He even grabbed her wet curly hair and pulled it towards him. This was no longer a romantic shower session, but now looked like a fuck session.

Minutes passed and the young man was getting closer to the fateful moment. His excitement was about to reach its peak. His breathing and heart rate quickened, his eyes rolled back slightly, and his entire body became a little stiffer as he finally released himself inside of Ms. Barnes. From her side, Natasha felt the sudden change in him, especially as he suddenly stopped before resting on her. She instantly understood that her fiancé had just cum, which was a bit of a pity since she was also close to do so. Lucky for her, Michael did not pull it out immediately and kept moving, even though his vigor was gone. Soon after, when he felt his energy returning, Orzak went for a second round, so he would not be the only one enjoying the moment.


It was around 10:30 a.m. when Natacha finished to get dressed. She then went to meet Michael in the kitchen where he was preparing their breakfasts. As soon as the young woman arrived in the room, her stomach started to cry out. After the long physical activity in the bathroom, she needed to get her strength back.

“I think the next water bill is going to be a little steep,” Michael said as he watched her take her seat.

“You bet! It smells great. What are you making?” Natasha said.

“Scrambled eggs with bacon, all served with an orange or apple juice, according to Madam’s taste.”

Natasha was very excited to try Michael’s food, especially since she already knew it was going to be a delicious meal. In fact, that was one of the many things she appreciated about him, his ability to turn anything he cooked into a dish worthy of a 5-star restaurant.

While the young man was cooking, Ms. Barnes could not help but look at his buttocks. It was necessary to say that she found it very attractive. Moreover, this latter was so attractive that she wanted to grab it. Unfortunately, at the moment when she stretched out her hand to do so, Michael turned abruptly.

“Say, about what we talked about on Friday. Have you finally made up your mind?”

What Michael was referring to was the conversation he had had with Natasha, during which he had suggested that she walk into her boss’s office, look him straight in the eye, and ask for a raise.

“I also talked about it with Enola yesterday and, after careful consideration, I decided to do it, but not as you suggested me to,” she replied.

“Too bad! It would have been interesting to see.”

“For you maybe, but not for me. You know, I don’t think Mr. Invictus would be the type to remain impassive if one of his employees behaved like that with him. I’m sure he’d fire her on the spot.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. You are one of his best employees. I doubt he would take such action against you. In fact, if he were to do so, I’d pay him a visit to discuss it properly, » Michael retorted, focusing on his cooking again.

Faced with his words, Ms. Barnes told him that he would not have any chance to meet his boss with the bodyguards who surrounded him permanently.

“You seem to underestimate the capabilities of a man in love, Miss Barnes…”

At this point, the young man turned around again, this time holding in his hands one of the pans in which he had cooked. He then served his fiancée her breakfast before continuing his sentence.

“Love is the engine of this world. Some people love money and power, and others love alcohol and women. As far as I’m concerned, you are the one I love. So, I will do everything I can to make you happy, even if I have to face your boss and his men.”

“What big words. We’ll see how you react the day you’ll be in front of them,” said the young woman sarcastically.

Ms. Barnes’s stomach made her notice again that it was empty. A chance for her, she could now satisfy her hunger. So, the young woman grabbed her cutlery and attacked the dish in front of her. Meanwhile, Michael asked her which juice she wanted to drink. Natacha, who now had a full mouth, pointed to the apple juice.

“So, how do you like it?” the young man asked as he filled his fiancée’s glass.

Natacha just raised her thumb, too busy devouring what she had in front of her eyes. The young woman did not need to speak to show him how much she liked his food. Michael sat down in front of her, and the two lovebirds ate their breakfast peacefully.


It was now 8p.m. It had been dark for almost an hour and the young couple was in front of the television, entwined in one of the armchairs in their living room. The day had gone by without a hitch. After breakfast, Michael and Natacha had gone about their business, cleaning a camera, checking emails, and doing some chores. After all of this, the lovebirds found themselves with a lot of free time, which they had decided to spend watching various TV shows.

In addition, during this time, Michael and Natasha had shared some naughty moments with lots of kissing and touching. You could even say that they had been very active after their breakfast.

“I can’t believe we have to go back to work tomorrow morning. It would have been so much more interesting if Monday was also part of the weekend,” Michael retorted.

“Then everyone would start hating Tuesdays.”

“Yeah, but at least we’d have three days off a week. Having only two days isn’t enough, especially when you live with someone like you.”

“What do you mean by that?”

The young man then explained that spending time with her required more than two, especially if he took into account their various sports activities. Ms. Barnes smiled slightly before suddenly climbing on top of him.

“What you’re saying is very interesting. And if we put to good use the little time we have left before the end of the weekend?” proposed sensually Natacha.

“You little rascal!” exclaimed Michael who understood what she was getting at.

Orzak turned off the television before lifting his sweetheart and leading her into their bedroom. This was how the two left for a new session of legs in the air.

To be continued !!!

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