Chapter 03: A working day like the others or almost

It was now Monday morning. As usual, the alarm clock began to ring, indicating to Natacha that it was time for her to get up. Her hand came out from under the sheets, grabbed the device, and stopped the horrible sound. A few moments later, the silver-gray-haired woman stretched and yawned slightly. She then turned to Michael, who was sleeping right next to her, and touched him gently, waking him up at the same time.

“Hmm! Good morning to you. Did you sleep well?” he said.

“With everything we did yesterday, how could I not sleep well?” she replied.

“Little rascal.”

The two lovebirds began to kiss, but seeing that her fiancé began to be a little too insistent, Natacha stopped him gently. She then said to him that she risked being late at her work if they came to make it.

“Just five minutes,” Michael replied, pleading with her.

“We both know…it will be more than five minutes,” Natacha stated between two kisses.

The young woman straightened up and went down off the bed. At the same time, the latter suddenly received a slap on her buttocks.

“Hey!” she exclaimed.

When she turned around, Miss Barnes saw the devastating smile of her man, preferred not to say anything about what he had just done, and continued on her way to the bathroom.

About twenty minutes later, Orzak got off the bed as well. After a few stretches and a little push-up session that lasted ten minutes, he went to find Miss Barnes in the bathroom. There, he found her dressed only in a towel. She had already finished taking her shower and was brushing her teeth. Michael then approached her, took her in his arms, and gave her many kisses in the neck.

“Eww! You’re dripping with sweat,” she exclaimed at his touch.

“I just did some push-ups. I want to stay in good shape just for you.”

The young woman immediately pushed him away, claiming that because of him, she would have to go back showering.

“I have an idea. Why don’t you call your work and tell them you can’t come today. I really want to spend the whole day in bed with you.”

Natacha, who had just finished brushing her teeth, replied that it was not possible and that he knew it very well.

“Too bad. I really wanted to spend some quality time with you.”

“I know you did. But in the meantime, I’ll have to go back to the shower to wash off your sweat.”

The young woman removed the towel she was wearing, revealing her body to her fiancé. Seeing her in this natural state, Orzak’s libido soared. Consequently, when Natacha found herself under the shower, this one hastened to remove the few clothes which he had on him before going to join her.

“What are you doing?” she asked when she saw him entering under the shower.

“I just come to help you to remove my sweat.”

As previously, and this while the hot water flowed along their body, the young man took Natacha in his arms and gave her numerous kisses in the neck. She then begged him to stop, specifying that she had no time before her.

“Just five minutes,” Michael begged again.

“No, I can’t. I really have to go to work.”

Miss Barnes slowly turned around, kissed him passionately, then gently pushed him away. She apologized to him, but added that she was preparing a little surprise.

“A surprise! I wonder what it can be?” Michael retorted.

“For that, you’ll have to wait until this weekend.”

Natacha kissed him one last time before leaving the shower. She had to get dressed quickly if she did not want to be late for work. She thus ran into the bedroom after having completely wiped herself.

Twenty minutes later, as the clock in the room was about to strike 8 a.m., the young couple met again in the kitchen. While Miss Barnes fidgeted around looking for something, Michael came in and made himself a cup of coffee.

“What are you looking for?” he asked as he was filling up his mug.

“My car keys. I’ve searched every room, but I can’t find them,” Natacha replied.

“Did you look in the fridge?”

“Why would my car keys be in the fridge?”

“Considering that you searched in all the rooms, that leaves very few possibilities,” he said before taking a sip of coffee.

Natacha let escape a “hmm” before moving towards their refrigerator. She opened the door and looked inside. Less than two seconds later, the young woman exclaimed with joy, having finally found the item she had been coveting.

“You were right. They are there,” she stated.

“You see! Always checked in the most unlikely places.”

Natacha closed the fridge door while wondering how they had done to land in this place. However, she had no time to look for answers, time was against her. So, she kissed her man as a thank you gift, grabbed her things, and headed for the exit door.

“See you tonight, baby!” the young man exclaimed.

“See you later!” the young lady said before walking out of the door.


Natacha Barnes arrived at her workplace about twenty minutes later. It was a building of about fifty floors housing one of the biggest companies in the country, an institution with assets in a number of different sectors, ranging from real estate to new technologies, passing through the film and fashion industries. And the person who was in control of all this was none other than Miss Barnes’ boss: Herman Invictus.

The young woman parked in the parking lot under the building and fell, a few seconds later, nose to nose with Tess Harlock, her colleague of work of which she had mentioned to her best friend, Enola. The latter, who was slightly taller than Natacha, was a blonde with a large chest. Moreover, she did not hesitate to show it off.

“Natacha, hello! But what did you do to your hair?” she said as Michael’s fiancée got out of her car.

“Hi, Tess. I wanted to try something new,” answered Miss Barnes with a smile that was not a smile.

“It really suits you well.”

“Thank you very much.”

Natacha wondered why she had to run into her, the person she hated the most right now, as soon as she arrived at work. All she wanted to do at that very moment was to stick her fist in her face, pour the coffee she was holding in me into her face, and rip off her false air of modesty.

“Anyway, we’d better get going. Mr. Invictus must be waiting for us,” the blonde woman said.

“Yes, let’s go!” Natacha exclaimed.

She quickly grabbed the rest of her things and locked her car. The two women then headed for the elevator shafts, this unpleasant encounter having reinforced Miss Barnes’s desire to ask for a promotion.

When the elevator doors opened on the 52nd floor of the building and the two women stepped out, the eyes of most of their colleagues immediately turned to them. For Natacha, this was mostly due to the new hair color the young woman was sporting. Although she expected this kind of reaction, she pretended not to pay attention to it. On Tess’s side, most men’s eyes were on her because of her huge breasts which were highlighted by the jacket and the tailored shirt she was wearing. The young woman was very proud of it and could not help but smile and greet anyone who approached her on her way to her workstation.

The two young women’s offices were just outside their employer’s door, in a room before his, and were facing each other. Natacha’s was on the left side and Tess’s was on the right. Miss Barnes placed her purse and the files she was holding on the table. She then sat down and turned on her computer. Meanwhile, her blonde colleague brought the coffee she was holding to Mr. Invictus.

Tess knocked three times on the door before entering her boss’s office. The office was very large with a bay window that gave a magnificent view of the city of San Francisco. There was also a library with a wide variety of books. A very neat man was standing in front of one of the office windows. He was wearing a very luxurious black three-piece suit, was slender, and had the beginnings of gray hair in his fetal down.

“Good morning, Mr. Invictus,” Tess said after entering the office.

The man turned around and faced one of his secretaries. He then smiled slightly as a sign of affection for the woman.

“Good morning, Miss Harlock. How are you doing this early in the day?”

“I’m doing well, sir. I brought you your coffee as usual,” the young woman replied.

“Thank you very much. You can put it on my desk.”

Miss Harlock complied and walked over to her boss’s desk where she placed the coffee cup on a few moments later. Meanwhile, the businessman took his seat. He then grabbed the cardboard object before taking a sip of coffee.

“Herbal’s coffee is so good as always.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

As he took a second sip of coffee, Natacha Barnes knocked on the office door and walked in with a tablet in her hands.

“Good morning, Mr. Invictus. How are you doing this morning?” she said.

“Good morning, Miss Barnes. My bank account is growing every day, so everything is going well. What about you? I notice you’ve adopted a new hair color,” Mr. Invictus retorted after gently wiping his lips with a handkerchief.

“I’m not as wealthy as you, but I’m also doing well. And about my hair, I just wanted to try something new.”

“I see. It looks great on you, Miss Barnes.”

During this brief exchange of courtesies between the secretary and her boss, Tess, who had been sidelined, could not help but feel a little frustrated about the situation she was now in. The attention of her boss was no longer on her, but on her colleague. Of course, this did not show on her face at all, the young woman showing her usual smile.

“Thank you very much, sir,” Natacha answered before talking about more professional things. “Sir, concerning your schedule for the day, the marketing department is asking for a one-day extension on the delivery time of the product. What should I tell them?”

“Tell them I said no. They have been given three months and not a day more. If they don’t meet the deadline, then I will have to get rid of some of the employees in this department. Did I make myself clear?” he replied.

“Yes, sir.”

Once the young woman had finished writing everything down on her tablet, she turned around and left her boss’s office. Her working day was starting in a rather strong way. A few dozen seconds later, Miss Harlock also left the room after having received her instructions for the morning.


The working day of the two women had been very busy with all the orders they had to relay and the different tasks they had to accomplish. As the building gradually emptied and the sun began to set, it was almost time for the two secretaries to go home. Tess was the first to put her things away and get up from her seat.

“Have a great start to your evening, Natacha,” she said.

“Thank you. You too, Tess.”

Miss Barnes waited a few minutes, at least long enough for her co-worker to reach the parking lot, before getting up from her seat and heading for Mr. Invictus’s office. The moment she had been waiting for had finally come. She was about to ask Mr. Invictus for a promotion. And as she stood from his door, the young woman was nervous. She had no idea how the next conversation would end. However, Natacha took her courage in both hands to knock at the door before entering her boss’s office.

“Miss Barnes, what are you still doing here? I thought you had already gone home?” the man said when he saw her enter.

“I was about to, sir, but there’s a very important matter I’d like to discuss with you.”

Mr. Invictus invited the young woman to take a seat, which she did willingly.

“So, Miss Barnes, what would you like to discuss with me?”

“Mr. Invictus, I’ve been working for you for over three years. I have always given my 100% to every task you have given me, even sacrificing some of my weekends. I have always been on my best behavior and have never been late with any of my reports. However, my colleague, Tess Harlock, who has only been with you for a little over two years, has already received many promotions. With all due respect, can you explain to me what she has that I do not? Why all this when I’m older than her in this company?”

Natacha Barnes’s heart was beating extremely fast as Herman Invictus looked at her in all seriousness. Knowing more or less the personality of the man standing in front of her, the young woman knew that the words she had just said could cost her her job. However, it was a risk she was willing to take.

As the seconds became more and more unbearable, the man suddenly smirked. The young woman’s heart rate calmed slightly, but she was not reassured.

“Ms. Barnes, I see exactly what you’re getting at and I completely understand how you feel…”

At that moment, her heart calmed and her stress disappeared.

“Nevertheless, with a promotion comes a whole new set of responsibilities. You must then show me that you have the shoulders for it,” Herman said.

“I have them, sir!” Natacha abruptly exclaimed.

“Let’s not be hasty. In order to prove your worth to me, you will have to pass a series of tests. Only after you’ve completed them will I decide whether or not you deserve a promotion and a pay raise.”

Natacha’s heart was pounding with excitement. She could not wait to get home and tell Michael the news. He would surely jump for joy too. But in the meantime, there was this famous series of tests to take.

“What kinds of tests are they, sir?”

“All in good time, Miss Barnes. First of all, are you married?” Mr. Invictus replied.

Natacha did not understand why her boss was asking her such things. But she answered him and told him that she was not married, but that she was dating someone and that they were planning to get married in a few months.

“I see. Leave him!” the young woman’s boss stated again.

The young woman was shocked when she heard Herman’s request. At first she thought it was a mistake and that she had misunderstood what he had said. So, she politely asked him to repeat what he had said.

“Miss Barnes, you are one of my secretaries and act directly on the orders I give you. As such, I require total devotion from you and your relationship is a hindrance to that.”

The young woman with silver-gray hair could not believe her ears. What her employer had just asked her was simply unimaginable for her. It was out of question for Natacha to sacrifice her relationship with Michael for a promotion. As she was about to give him an answer, Mr. Invictus suddenly started to laugh, which surprised her enormously.

“There was no need to make such a face. It was just a little joke. I would never ask you to end your relationship with your fiancé, especially since everything leads me to believe that you love him very much.”

Natacha was relieved because it was only a joke, but she was also intrigued because she did not imagine that someone as serious as her boss could make such a pleasantry.

“For a brief moment, you had me worried, sir.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. As I told you, I would never force you to end your relationship. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t ask you to do specific tasks for me,” the man said.

“What kinds of tasks are we talking about exactly?” Natacha asked curiously.

At that very moment, Mr. Invictus smiled again, which did not bode well for the young lady.

“From time to time, I will have certain desires to satisfy. I’m counting on you to help me with that, if you know what I mean.”

Ms. Barnes was not stupid. She knew exactly what it was all about and it was inconceivable that she would engage in this kind of practice

“I’m sorry, but it’s out of the question!” Natacha exclaimed while getting up abruptly, “I’m not the kind of woman who sells her body. Besides, your request is disgusting. I would never have believed that coming from you. You are a pig.”

Natacha Barnes took the direction of the door under the very observant glance of the businessman. However, just as she was about to grab the handle, he addressed her.

“Are you really ready to assume the consequences that will fall on you when you cross this door, Miss Barnes?”

The young woman stopped and turned back to Herman Invictus, who continued to speak to her.

“I wonder how all your relatives would react if they all lost their jobs because of you.”

“You wouldn’t dare?” the young woman replied.

“There is no industry that is beyond my influence. I can easily make them lose their jobs and make sure they never get another decent one. So, it’s up to you, Ms. Barnes. You can walk out that door and say goodbye to your job and your quiet life, or you can come back and sit down so we can talk about the terms of your promotion,” the businessman offered.

Natacha thought about what she had just been told. She had been working for this man for many years and therefore knew how influential he was. His words were not to be taken lightly. The young woman felt bad. She knew that whatever choice she made would have disastrous consequences for her. So, she decided what was best for everyone and went back to her seat.

“You’ve made the right decision.”

“What exactly should I do?” the young woman asked reluctantly.

“Come closer!” he ordered her.

The young lady rose from her seat and came to stand in front of her boss. The latter then directed his glance towards his crotch, what made Natacha understand what he wanted.

“Tonight, we will start with something simple. I suppose it is not the first time for you to do this kind of thing. You must have had some experience with your fiancé.”

Natacha did not answer and just clenched her fists tightly. After a few seconds of hesitation, the young lady finally knelt down in front of her boss. She then put her hands on the zipper of his pants while all sorts of thoughts crossed her mind. Miss Barnes finally pulled Herman’s sex out and, as she moved her right hand back and forth to make his penis a little harder, her eyes became wetter and wetter as the man in front of her kept smiling.

When the sex of Mr. Invictus became rather stiff, Natacha approached her lips timidly to the head. There, she delicately opened her mouth and introduced it inside. The man then took a deep breath and closed his eyes while the heat of this woman took hold of him.

While Mr. Invictus savored the moment, Natacha held back her urge to vomit and bite him. She hated him for what he forced her to do, but she also hated herself more because she had given up so easily under the pressure of his threats. So, the young woman continued to suck her boss with much bitterness and disgust in her heart. Tears even ended up running down her face because of this.

“Yes, that’s it! Keep it up, Miss Barnes,” Herman Invictus said again.

The man put his hand on Natacha’s head and helped her with her new task. His cock then sank a little deeper into her mouth, reaching the entrance of her throat. By reflex, she tried to withdraw it, seeing that it went too far. When she managed to do so, Herman addressed her again, telling her that she could do better than that. After a few seconds of pause, she went back in, slowly opening her mouth and allowing that thing to go inside.

Miss Barnes tried not to think about what she was doing, but it was proving to be a very difficult task. Finally, after several minutes of agony for Natacha and pleasure for Herman, he let out a moan and ejaculated. The young woman with the silver-gray hair then felt the horrible whitish liquid in her mouth, a substance that went to the bottom of her throat. Natacha wanted to pull her boss’s penis out of her mouth before it was too late, but he held her head firmly in place, preventing her from doing so.

Finally, after a while, Herman removed his hand from Natacha’s head, which allowed her to take his cock out of her mouth. The man then grabbed one of the disposable tissues on his desk and gave it to her.

“You see, Miss Barnes, it was not so bad after all,” he said to her while handing the object to her.

The young woman whose face was livid at the time did not grasp the handkerchief and remained silent for a while.

“Anyway, from today on, you will satisfy each of my desires on a period that I will determine. No resistance will be tolerated and, of course, this agreement between us must not be revealed. If this should happen, well, it would be better for you if it didn’t. With that, you may go and have a pleasant evening, Miss Barnes.”

While it had been several tens of seconds since her boss had zipped up his pants, Natacha finally got up and walked silently towards the exit. Without uttering a single word, she grabbed her purse and headed for the women’s bathroom. There, all the frustration, anger, and other emotions she was feeling came out in a flood of tears. She also began to vomit when she thought about what had just happened. She felt dirty, scorned, but most of all, she felt like she had betrayed Michael, her fiancé.

After half an hour, the young woman came out of the bathroom and took the direction of the parking lot where her vehicle was. She climbed inside and stayed for a while with her eyes fixing the steering wheel. Natacha suddenly hit it several times, causing a commotion in the parking lot. After having calmed down again, the young lady started her car and went back home.

To be continued!!!

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