Chapter 04: At home

The sun had already set for several minutes when Natacha came to park a few dozen meters from her home. The interior of the house being lit, the young woman understood that Michael was already there. Miss Barnes did not go there immediately and remained seated in her vehicle. Her eyes were blank and seemed to be staring at the horizon without really looking at anything in particular. Suddenly, tears began to stream down her face and a deep urge to vomit came over her again as she thought about what had happened in her boss’s office.

The young woman still found it hard to believe that what had happened in Mr. Invictus’s office had actually happened. However, it had indeed been the case. This man, whom she considered to be a very respectable person, had not only abused her, but was also planning to do so in the future. Natacha was completely distraught. How could she stand up to someone like Herman Invictus? She could not even go to human resources and tell them what had happened. That would be self-defeating given the stature of the person involved. Not only did he have almost absolute control over the company, but it would also be breaking the terms of their crazy agreement and exposing everyone she loved to miserable living conditions.

Speaking of the people she loved, Natacha felt immense guilt towards Michael. She had betrayed his trust by engaging in this activity with her boss. And while it was true that her hand had literally been forced, it did not change her current emotional state. Because of all this, Miss Barnes felt a certain discomfort in her heart, a sensation that made her feel as if someone or something was putting pressure on that organ.

Natacha’s phone suddenly began to ring. When she checked who was trying to contact her, she realized that it was her fiancé. He probably wanted to know where she was. Unfortunately, the young woman could not take the call, at least not at that moment. She did not want him to notice the pitiful state she was in. So, she let the phone ring until the call ended. This gesture had for consequence to accentuate the morose state of the young woman, more especially as Michael tried to join her a second time.

After several tens of minutes punctuated by messages from her fiancé and a deep sense of unease, Natacha finally pulled herself together. She grabbed some disposable tissues and wiped the tears from her eyes. She then used the cosmetics in her purse to cover up the damage they had caused. It was necessary that Michael did not notice anything, if not he would ask her questions which she would certainly have evil to answer to. This would prove to be difficult, however, not only because of the stains on her shirt, but also because her eyes had taken on a reddish tint.

For her outfit, she could find a plausible justification, but for her eyes, it would not be so easy. This situation forced Natacha to stay a little longer in her car, at least until her eyes regained their normal color.

After about ten minutes, Miss Barnes finally got out of her car and walked towards her home.

“I’m home!” she exclaimed.

No sooner had Natacha walked in the door than her nose was assaulted by a delicious smell coming from the dining room. Her fiancé was obviously at the stove, which came at the right time, as her stomach was starting to cry out for food.

“I’m in the kitchen! Took you long enough to get home. I tried to call you a couple of times, but you wouldn’t pick up,” Michael replied shortly after.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that. My phone was in my purse and I couldn’t reach it while driving.”

“Oh okay! I just wanted to know when you were coming home.”

The young woman who had just closed the door behind her then went to the dining room to see what her man was cooking. Arrived on the spot, she saw him dressed in his paraphernalia of chefs.

“I should have warned you that I would return a little later…well! It seems that the gentleman has decided to give his all tonight. What do we owe this honor to?” the young lady said when she saw him take his dish out of the oven.

“Tonight, we celebrate your promotion, Natacha. And there’s nothing like a delicious meal to…”

When Michael turned around, he immediately saw the stains on Natacha’s shirt. He asked her what they were, to which she replied that they were her makeup that had run when she started to cry.

“You cried?! Why?” the young man questioned as he was putting his dish on the dining table.

“It was nothing serious. Just a few tears of joy.”

“Tears of joy. Does that mean you got it? I knew it! I knew you would. There is nobody better than you in this town, baby. So, tell me how it happened. Did you walk into your boss’s office with great pomp and demand that promotion while looking at him straight in the eyes like I suggested? Or did you use a much more aggressive method?”

The young man was so excited that he did not notice that his fiancée was not quite so, despite the fact that he was literally holding her.

“It didn’t happen like that. To tell you the truth, I didn’t get the promotion, at least not yet,” Natacha said shyly.

“What do you mean?” Michael asked after setting Natacha down on the floor.

“Mr. Invictus said that I had to pass a series of tests first before I could be promoted and get a raise.”

Orzak then asked what kind of tests they were. The young woman thought for a few moments before finally telling him that they would surely be highly responsible tasks that would require hard work.

“I will see that tomorrow with him,” she continued.

She added, however, that because of this, it would be very likely that she would come back home a little later than usual.

“I see. Anyway, I know you’ll get it. You’ve always been the best at what you do.”

Natacha smiled slightly and Michael went on to say that he had prepared this meal for her and that he hoped she would like it very much.

“I’m going to take a nice shower first. Then, I promise, I’ll come and devour everything you’ve made for me,” she said with a smile.

“Hurry up then. The food might get cold.”

“I’ll be as quick as I can.”

As she turned to head for their room, the smile Miss Barnes had been wearing moments before disappeared completely, leaving the face of a woman about to break down in tears. She had literally lied to the person she loved the most.

When she arrived in the bedroom, the young woman put her things on a dresser, grabbed some clothes, then went into the bathroom. She then locked the door behind her, something she had never done before. As Natacha looked at herself in the mirror, a great sense of guilt set in and she felt a pressure on her heart again. She wanted to tell her fiancé what had happened in her boss’s office, but she could not. Not only was she ashamed of herself, but she also remembered what Mr. Invictus promised her if she went public with the story. Plus, she was afraid of how he would react if he found out. She was sure that he would go immediately afterwards to confront her boss, which would inevitably end in a violent altercation between one of Mr. Invictus’s bodyguards and him. She absolutely did not want such a thing to happen and then promised herself to keep this secret for her.

Natacha began to remove her clothes before rushing under the shower. She then opened the water inlet, which allowed her to let out all the negative emotions she was feeling at that moment. Sadness, guilt, bitterness…, all that escaped in the form of a torrent of tears whereas the noise of the water which flowed camouflaged her tears. The young woman wondered if she would have the mental capacity to endure the ordeals that Herman Invictus was preparing for her, for it was clear that this story would not stop at simple fellatio. Miss Barnes feared the worst of him and also feared that her relationship with Michael would take a hit.

It was already several tens of minutes that Natacha was under the shower. Michael, who had finished setting the table, wondered what was taking her so long. So, he got up from his seat and went to see what she was doing. When he got to the bathroom door, he realized that it was locked. He obviously found that unusual.

“Natacha, is everything okay inside?”

“Yes, it’s fine!” the young woman answered.

“Are you sure? Because you locked the door.”

“Oh, I’m sorry! I must have locked it without realizing it! Give me a few moments, I’ll come and open it for you right away,” Natacha replied as she was about to close the tap.

“No, that’s not necessary. I just came to tell you that you’d better hurry up. The dinner is getting cold.”

“Okay. I’ll be right over. Just give me time to towel off and put on some clothes.”

Orzak found his fiancée’s behavior somewhat strange. However, he blamed it on her promotion, because he figured she would have wanted to get it directly and not through a series of tests. She had already demonstrated her abilities over the past few years and that was more than enough for him to get the raise. The only thing Michael could do for Natacha was to support her as best as he could. It was still his role as her future husband. So, he went back to the dining room where he waited patiently for his beloved woman.

Some time later, Natacha joined her fiancé in the dining room. She had then exchanged her formal outfit for something lighter, namely a simple white t-shirt much too big for her and a gray shorty that we could hardly see because of her top. She matched this with slippers that were the same color as her panties, which gave her the appearance of a teenager.

“Sorry again for the delay,” the young woman stated as she sat down at the table.

“You don’t have to worry about it. The food isn’t cold yet,” Orzak replied.

“It looks very appetizing.”

Orzak smiled slightly as he watched Natacha help herself. He was only waiting for her to taste what he had cooked especially for her. The young woman seized her cutlery and began to cut the meat delicately. When she put it in her mouth, Miss Barnes could not help but express her appreciation for the dish.

“So, how do you like it?” Michael asked at the look on his fiancée’s face.

“It’s so good!”

“I’m glad you like it. Eat as much as you like. You deserve it.”

Natacha Barnes did not deprive herself and swallowed her food as a person who had not eaten for several days. Michael could not help but laugh at the situation.

“At least her appetite remained the same,” he thought at that moment.

While she was eating, the young man told her that he had had a somewhat unusual female client during his day at the agency.

“Really?! What was so unusual about her?”

“During one of the photo sessions, she tried to seduce me. Of course, I told her that I already had someone in my life and I refused her advances,” he declared.

“I see, I see. What’s the name of that woman?” asked Natacha whose plate had suddenly creaked as she cut another piece of her meat.

“I…I didn’t really catch her name. You know, I’m just the one taking the pictures. For the names of the models, you’d have to check with Jessica.”

What he had just said to Natacha had obviously not pleased her. So, he preferred not to give the identity of the young lady, fearing that his fiancée would take certain actions behind his back.

“Hmm! I see, I see. You can at least tell me what she looks like, can’t you?”

“Natacha!” Michael exclaimed.

“I’m just kidding! I’m not going to do anything. You know I trust you completely,” the young woman replied with a smile that was not really a smile.

Michael knew what her smile meant, so he moved on to another topic of conversation. It was best for me.

Several dozen minutes later, it was time to clear the table and wash the dishes. Natacha and Michael teamed up again. One cleaned while the other wiped and put away. Finally, after a few minutes, the job was done. The young people then moved to the television where they watched a movie.

As she rested her head on Michael’s chest, both lying on the couch, bad memories surfaced. She tried to get rid of them, but nothing could do. They persisted and Natacha started to cry again.

“What’s wrong, baby?” the young man asked when he noticed it.

“It’s nothing at all. I was just thinking about the day. It’s really not fair. Mr. Invictus had absolutely no right to treat me that way.

Thinking she was referring to her request for a promotion, Michael told her he could not pretend to understand what she was going through, but he knew she would get through it.

“I have faith in you. If there is one person on earth capable of showing a multi-billionaire what she’s made of, it’s you, Natacha,” he continued.

These words of encouragement from Michael hurt Miss Barnes very much. At that moment, she wanted so badly to tell him the real thing, but she could not. She did not have the courage to tell him. She did not have the bravery to do it.

“Thank you for believing in me,” she said instead with words filled with bitterness.

“You don’t have to thank me for that.”

The two lovebirds resumed watching their film with Natacha worried about what would happen next. Finally, when the clock indicated 10:30 p.m., the young couple stopped everything and went to bed.

To be continued!!!

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