Chapter 05: Short night

Natacha woke up abruptly during the night. As her heartbeat was very rapid, she looked around frantically only to realize that she was in her bedroom, that her fiancé was sleeping next to her, but also that it was almost 3 of the morning. Seeing him asleep so peacefully, the young woman felt some pain in her chest. She then felt as if an invisible force was pressing against her heart.

Natacha deeply loved Michael. Therefore, she wanted to tell him what she had suffered the day before, but it was impossible for her, especially since in the nightmare she had just had, her boss, Herman Invictus, was finally carrying out his threats. As a result, the young woman had found herself without a job, had lost her fiancé and all the people she cared about, and had therefore found herself completely alone. It was clearly not a situation she wanted to experience in reality. So, despite the pain she felt in her heart, she promised herself to keep this horrible secret.

After several minutes of replaying the events and wondering if the decision she had just made was the right one, Miss Barnes got up from her bed, taking care not to wake Michael up, and returned to the living room where she sat on their couch. Curled up on herself, her face almost tearful, Natacha wondered what she had done in heaven to deserve such punishment. How could a simple request for a promotion end up being blackmailed by her boss? How come she had never glimpsed this disturbing side of Mr. Invictus? If he had asked her for that blowjob and was going to ask her for more later on, that meant he had been eyeing her for some time. How could she not have noticed? Was it because she was always focused on her work? Or had she unconsciously ignored the signs?

As she searched for answers, the young woman was tempted to blame the people who had pushed her to make this request, namely Enola and Michael. However, deep in her heart, she knew it was not their fault. Even though they had been the ones who had encouraged her to go through with the act, she was ultimately the one who had walked through Mr. Invictus’s door instead of going straight home. She was the one who had taken her courage in both hands and made that claim, setting off all the events that had led her to sit on that couch in the middle of the night. Faced with her regrets, the only thing left for Miss Barnes was to accept the consequences of her actions and hope that her boss would get over her as soon as possible.

6:30 a.m.

Several hours passed and the living-room clock now showed half past six. Natacha, who had spent the whole night awake replaying all the times she could have detected Herman Invictus’s intentions, was still sitting on the sofa. She had a livid look at the time, thus testifying to a fairly substantial lack of sleep. Unfortunately, it was impossible for her to close her eyes. Finally realizing what time it was, she knew that if she fell asleep, she would find herself unable to wake up until the early afternoon and would miss her day’s work. The only thing she could do was to take a nice cold shower to refresh her body, but also to consume a huge amount of caffeine in order to keep herself awake. So, Natacha got up from the big couch and headed to the bathroom.


As the sun was rising, Michael suddenly turned over in his bed to avoid the rays that were seeping through a window whose curtains the couple had forgotten to draw. He then stretched out his arm to the side where Natacha was supposed to be sleeping, but he did not feel her presence. However, the young man sensed the coldness of a bed that had not been occupied for hours. Orzak then woke up from his sleep, wondering what this could mean. Did she get up early? Or was he the one who woke up too late? Thinking he was the one who was late, Michael took a quick look at their alarm clock only to realize that it was not the case. The device had not rung and was not expected to for a few dozen minutes. So, that meant his beloved had gotten up much earlier than usual.

Shortly after Michael realized what time it was, Natacha came out of the bathroom, clad only in a white towel.

“Ah! You’re already up,” she exclaimed when she saw Michael.

“Yes, I am. I got up when I noticed you were no longer in our bed,” he replied.

“Sorry, I woke up a little earlier than usual. And since I couldn’t just stay in the bed, I spent some time in front of the television before going to take a shower.”

“You could’ve woken me up to come and keep you company.”

“It was tempting, but I preferred to let you sleep peacefully,” the young woman retorted while heading towards her linen closet.

While Natacha’s back was turned, Michael got off the bed and gently crawled behind her before suddenly taking her in his arms and giving her a few kisses on the neck.

“What are you doing?”

The young man, who was about to tell her that she could still have woken him up, noticed the strange tone which Natacha had just addressed him with. It was not the usual way she spoke as there was not the little thing in her voice that indicated that she had naughty desires, but that she could not satisfy them for fear of being late for work.

“Is everything alright?” he asked her then.

“Yes, I’m fine. Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know. Something about you seems different.”

At that moment, the young woman, who was looking in her wardrobe for the outfit she was going to wear during the day, suddenly stopped. Michael’s remark disturbed Natacha who, for a brief moment, thought that he knew what had happened or at least suspected something. However, after having quickly calmed down, she came to the conclusion that it was not the case. She then answered that she was just a little more tired than usual.

“I didn’t get my quota of sleep,” she continued, going back to look for something to wear.

“I guess you’re right. Won’t that impact your day?”

“Coffee will help me to hold, I hope.”

Despite her words, the young man knew that her lack of sleep was not the only reason behind the strange sensation she gave off, Natacha not being at her first experience of the kind. He then remembered the conversation they had had the day before and thought that her recent behavior must have something to do with her promotion.

“Babe, I know things with your boss didn’t go the way you’d hoped and I’m really sorry it turned out like this. I can’t imagine how you felt at the time, but you mustn’t let it affect you. You’re a fighter…you’re the most fearless woman I’ve ever met and I know that the recklessness you often show will get you through your boss’s ordeal and get you that promotion you want so badly.”

Michael’s speech deeply touched Ms. Barnes whose pressure in the heart reappeared. It was really hard for her, especially since she knew that the ordeal in question would surely be something very degrading for her, but also because she was forced to do it behind the back of the man she loved. However, she had to hold on for her own sake, for her fiancé’s sake, and for the sake of everyone else she liked.

“You know what, Michael? You’re absolutely right. This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered difficulties in life and it probably won’t be the last. So, I’m going to do as you say and get through anything that comes my way, no matter how hard it is,” she said after facing him.

“That’s the Natacha I know.”

The two lovebirds then kissed, which gave some envy to the young man. This one then tried to seize the towel that Natacha was carrying, but the latter prevented him.

“No, Michael… I might be late for work,” she retorted between two kisses.

“But we woke up earlier today. Just five minutes.”

“That’s true, but I know you. It’s never five minutes with you. Besides, I just took a shower.”

Orzak let out a “hmm” to show his disappointment before separating from her and returning to the bed. Natacha, who was somewhat disconcerted by his gesture, then asked him what he was doing.

“I still have a few minutes of sleep ahead of me. So, I’m going to enjoy it a little bit more.”

“You are joking, right?”

“No, ma’am. Sleep is very important,” he answered after covering himself with his sheet.

Natacha could not believe her ears nor her eyes. The young woman could not help but let out an “idiot” at her fiancé’s behavior, a way of acting that was similar to that of a child who would have been refused a gift or a favor and who would sulk accordingly in order to make his interlocutor feel guilty. Unfortunately for Michael, this would not work with Miss Barnes who then turned around and grabbed the clothes she had finally chosen. Moreover, the young woman said to herself at this moment that she was going to play a little with him, she had some time to spare before going to work.

To do this, Natacha dropped her towel and put on each of her clothes very slowly starting with her underwear. Michael, who had turned around out of pure curiosity when he heard the piece of fabric fall to the floor, was surprised to find his fiancée leaning forward. As he observed her slowly put her panties, gently moving them up her legs, Orzak felt like he was watching a striptease session. Obviously, that did not leave him indifferent and he found himself with a beginning of erection.

“Dirty little pest! I know what you’re doing,” he thought to himself at that moment.

Michael now wanted to get off his bed and throw himself on the young lady who continued to provoke him. On her side, Natacha, who had noticed her fiancé’s gaze, asked him if everything was fine.

“I thought you still had a few minutes of sleep ahead of you. Why are your eyes still open?” she continued.

“You’re really doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.”

“So, you mean to tell me that the way you’re dressing right now isn’t meant to provoke me?” Michael said, finally getting out of bed.

“Of course not. I’ve always put my clothes on this way. Maybe you’re just noticing it now.”

Orzak could not believe that this woman who was standing half-naked in front of him would dare to lie to him. He had only one desire at that moment and that was to jump on her and show her who was the boss in this house.

“Natacha, you know you’re not the only one who can play this game, right?”

“What game are you talking about, Michael?”

“I’m talking about this game!”


Without giving her time to react, the young man put his arms around her waist and lifted her abruptly. He then led her towards their bed where he deposited her delicately on before putting himself on her. Natacha’s arms were now firmly held above her head.

“Michael, what are you doing?” she asked.

“What am I doing? I’m playing your game… our game,” he replied, before starting to kiss her neck.

“No… I have to get ready for work.”

The young man then checked the time, realized that it was barely 7 o’clock in the morning, and told her that they still had a lot of time ahead of them. Natacha tried to pronounce his first name, but this one suddenly put his finger on her mouth.

“Shh! I know that, just like me, you want it.”

“No, I don’t. I don’t feel like it.”

“If you don’t want it, why aren’t you defending yourself?”

The young woman remained silent in front of Michael’s words. Taking her silence as an answer, he started to kiss her again, releasing her from his embrace at the same time.

“I hate you,” Natacha retorted between two kisses while passing her arms around her man.

“And I love you with all my heart.”

To be continued!!!

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