A silent world completely invaded by darkness. A sudden glow appears in the middle of nowhere. Underneath it, a man dressed in a black suit looks into a mirror. The reflected image is different. This one is dressed in black armor made from the scales of an infernal dragon. On his back, ten strange red crystals of ten centimeters in length rotate incessantly. His hands, moving along with those of his costumed counterpart, are covered in blood. Thousands of corpses appear just behind him. The two reflections look at each other silently before saying simultaneously, in a surreal synchronization:

– I have been waiting for this moment for thousands of cycles. And now the time has finally come. I am ready to take back everything that is mine. Get ready! Our vengeance will know no bounds.

– All these things I’ve done. All those dead bodies behind me. The remorse…it doesn’t reach me anymore. Prepare yourself! Our vengeance will know no bounds.

The mirror disappears, the two parties look at each other, then everything fades away. This is the beginning of the end.

Natacha Barnes was one of two executive secretaries to Herman Invictus, one of the most powerful and wealthy individuals in San Francisco.
One day, while she was asking for a raise, following the one her colleague, Tess Harlock, had received some time before, she discovered with shock and horror that the man she was working for was not the one she thought.
Under the effect of blackmail, Natacha gave him everything he wanted while trying to keep a semblance of normal life with her fiancé, Michael Orzak.
Between secrets, sadness, despair, and love, enter the world of Natacha Barnes and witness her struggle to maintain appearances.